Get yer Record!

I thought Almanackers might be into this little discovery I made.

Every page of every VFL/AFL footy record since the day dot is now available online. So if you have a spare 200 hours, have fun going down this wormhole…

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Washed up former Inside Sport and Sunday Age Sport freelancer. Now just giving my stuff away to good homes. Not to worry, still have my health and day job. Published & unpublished works fester on my blog Write Line Fever.


  1. Peter Flynn says:

    Thanks Jeff.



  2. Stainless says:


    This is a beauty – thanks.


  3. Bob Ely says:

    This is GOLD!!! Thanks a lot for this Jeff!!


  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Thought I’d bring this to everyone’s attention once more.

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