General Footy Writing: What on earth are Carlton and Judd up to?

By Peter Schumacher

Patrick Smith has been talking up the new culture at Carlton, a club he said was prepared to make tough decisions; witness the club-imposed imposition on three players who broke disciplinary rules.

I could hardly believe it therefore when according to the 1pm ABC News Carlton is further appealing against Judd’s suspension.

Here is a captain, whose position at the very least should be the epitome of fair play and impeccable conduct, trying to defend the indefensible, that is, to put a charitable spin on it, that he had his hand on an opposition player’s head with a view to causing some damage. He even admitted as much.

I find it so depressing that a player of his skills, his profile, would find it necessary to resort to such tactics.

What on earth was he thinking?

I think that he has been dealt with extremely lightly. I don’t know the criteria under which punishment is assessed in these circumstances but I would have thought that at least 12 weeks would have been more appropriate for such an offence.

Judd’s reputation may never recover from this and he only has himself to blame.

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