General Footy Writing: Umpire red-carded for dissent during Knights-Vannies clash

By Ken Wilson

An excellent standard of game has seen the Knights triumph over the Vannies, 9.2 (56) to 7.3 (45).

The Collingwood Knights, and we are not sure if they are White Knights after our defeat or the Black Knights — in those jumpers who could tell,? — defended admirably after winning the toss and kicking against the wind in the first quarter.

The lead changed hands several times during the game. We won’t talk about the passing around the ground which certainly let down the Vannies, but the accuracy of the kicking for goal from both teams was exceptional. Some league teams could learn from us!!

The match was not without controversy when the umpire (a former Fitzroy Vannie) paid a free kick for a rushed behind, a rule that only applies at AFL level and certainly not in the RecLink competition. Howls of protest ensued and, after a goal was kicked, grew in intensity. The umpire was later red-carded for dissent and left in disgrace after fuelling up on sausages and spilling sauce down his shirt!

Many thanks to everyone who participated. Especially to the Knights team for turning up at fairly short notice, and en-masse.

Again, a huge thank you to the Richmond Football Club and in particular Nathan Lange. His assistance in getting approval to use the ground, facilities and equipment allowed for a very smooth event.

Finally, to all the soup van volunteers who assisted throughout the day, many who did a lot of prep work, as well as played and in turn helped in the clean up – a very sincere THANK YOU!

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