General Footy Writing: The Saints will win this season and every season for decades, so cop that, Pete


Well can I remember the day we ventured to Moorabbin to witness Bluey McKenna dog it and faint at the sight of Plugger shrugging off his tenuous hold of his right arm .I saw the stretcher pass us with McKenna’s bruised body but still smiling face as he contemplated the ensuing six weeks that Plugger would be absent from the rampaging Saints. That was the biggest “sooky la” act I have ever seen on a footy field and the greatest injustice ever handed out to a totally innocent Plugger. (No wonder he made no mistakes with Craven some years later).
But, Pete, distance (and I suspect Rex Hunt) has clouded you view of what really happened at Telstra or should that read Ithaca. The Saints totally dominated the Pussies and without the decided interference of umpires the real margin would have been 30+ points.
What has become now more obvious about this great season is not that the Saints are certainties to win the cup but that the Cats are less likely to be represented past the third week of the finals. Age has caught up with them. Both Milburn and Harley are surely over the hill and played the cheat’s game of dropping of their men, in this case Schneider and Maculate (five goals between them and four assists).
Scarlet, the best full-back in the comp (not), played on Kossa (for a little while). Kosi had 14 contested marks much to my delight and my continuing question to the belligerent Cats supporter sitting in front of me, “WHO’S PLAYIN’ ON HIM?”
Needless to say he was unable to answer my question and duly changed seats after the 10th posing of the question.
Subsequent to the game, need I say the Saints remain unbeaten after taking all their side and resting none to the West while the Cats, after sending seven of their players on long service leave, were soundly beaten by the Voss mob from Queensland. Not only were the four points won by the Saints but I fear the Cat psyche has been irreparably damaged.
I read an article in the Geelong Advertiser saying that Mooney has been booked for trying to pass other cars in Geelong’s main street. God knows, he’s so fragile he’s been passing everything he can for some time.
Note: any side that plays Geelong is a real chance while he plays, and Geelong can be put under pressure. In reality the landscape has changed much since you started your trip: the Hawks are Doves, the Pies are still hot and cold and can’t make up their mind about Malthouse or Buckley (but they’re a genuine contender), the Doggies are hovering and a chance (be better with Baz) but the real smokey is Adelaide: best coach in the comp, great list, strong key forwards (young), and a real defensive unit. If they were a Melbourne team they would be second favourites after the Saints. Just tells you about the footy establishment of Melbourne (the Saints, two games clear, are still not bookies favourite) and Adelaide is 10/1 (not after this weekend).
I’m in Paris for Grand Final day and need to know a good bar where I can watch and hopefully celebrate a Saints victory (it is hard to see anyone beating them while they hold this form.)
Go saints and all true believers!!!

Uncle Tony


  1. You don’t win Premierships in July.

  2. Peter Flynn says

    Geelong are the bookie’s favourite because of the amount of money they are holding on Geelong.
    I think most would recognise that such markets are faux markets.

  3. uncle tony says

    Rest assured Peter Flynn I am hugely credentialled to both understand betting markets and how they work and to know the influnece of what is commonly termed “mugs money” on them.The Bullies, the Saints and the Crows are “overs” on a real time market, as is the 16/1 I acquired earleir in the year about the Saints.
    Dips I agree July is not the time to celebrate premierships(but maybe you can do much to secure a better chance of winning them in this time) and in my text you will find that my assertion is that the Cats are less likely to pass week 3 of the finals and that I acknowledge other contenders (other than the Saints) as genuine chnaces.The headline is not mine(even though I like its sentiments and the 16/1)

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