AFL Round 18: Saints just manage to keep unbeaten record intact

By Tony Dalton Usually I try to avoid attending or watching games between the Swans and the Saints simply because of its low spectator value. I can watch my students play “all on the ball” every other day of the week. I don’t understand the AFL’s scheduling, why these two teams twice a year? It [Read more]

General Footy Writing: I don’t see how anyone can beat the Saints

By Tony Dalton I have now watched the full seventeen games of the Saints season, each week expecting to see someone, some team, run out, work them over and defeat them. Much to my surprise and delight it has not happened and I am now convinced that it will not happen this year.

General Footy Writing: The Saints will win this season and every season for decades, so cop that, Pete

Pete, Well can I remember the day we ventured to Moorabbin to witness Bluey McKenna dog it and faint at the sight of Plugger shrugging off his tenuous hold of his right arm .I saw the stretcher pass us with McKenna’s bruised body but still smiling face as he contemplated the ensuing six weeks that [Read more]