General Footy Writing: Nightmare down Collingwood Street

Last week, I had a weird dream — or a nightmare, as I should call it.

I was on a basket ball court and I was crying.

Here’s the weird thing: there were Collingwood players there too, in their footy gear, some standing, some sunk in the ground and all of them were crying. I remember seeing some dirty jumpers so they must have just finished a game.

While I woke up confused, during the dream I seemed to know what was going on.

In the dream I went around supplying hugs, pats on the back to the sobbing players trying to tell them “It’s OK.”

But clearly it wasn’t OK and the tears were overflowing on the basket ball court.

While I gave all the players hugs, when I got to Superman, whom I had left till last, you would have though we were engaged to be married in the way we embraced.

But all I kept saying was “it’s OK.”

I was the only non-footy player there, no coach to be seen, not even Bucks!

The only other word I remember was Premiership. A player was mumbling it. I’m still foggy about which player it was.

Then I woke up.

One week later and this dream is really annoying me!

What could it mean?

Will we lose yet another premiership?

Is my mind so consumed by winning a premiership that I even dream about it?

Will I really marry Jack Anthony? (Tune in next week to find out! Lol)

I’d love to know what you dream interpreters think.

For research I went on a dream dictionary website.

Looked up the word ‘Losing’ which took me to ‘Sports’

This is what it said-

Whether or not your team wins or loses indicates your level of success. LOSING the game, however, does NOT mean failure. It only indicates delays.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Well Collingwood’s already been on delay since 1990..

    Interesting dream though, I occasionally have dreams about Football, never have I encountered crying footballers.

    Can’t give you much help though, except for these facts:

    10. Blind People Dream (People born blind dream of smells, sounds etc.)
    9. You Forget 90% of your Dreams
    8. Everybody Dreams (Even animals)
    7. Dreams Prevent Psychosis
    6. We Only Dream of What We Know (What do you know about crying Collingwood footy players? Paul Licuria from 2002 Grand Final?)
    5. Not Everyone Dreams in Color (People sometimes dream black and white images, fitting for a Collingwood dream..)
    4. Dreams are not about what they are about (Whatever that means)
    3. Quitters have more vivid dreams
    2. External Stimuli Invade our Dreams
    1. You are paralyzed while you sleep

  2. 1- Josh i do have a VERY clear memory of Lica crying with Mick that September, but he wasn’t in the dream….

  3. Wait did I see something similar last Friday night? Mick and Licca having a cry to the St Kilda players at quarter time?

    Lol, just joking..

    How you been?

  4. 3- DON’T GO THERE
    ive sent in my opinion to the HS website but they didnt put it up, prob cos of all the swearing lol

    I’ve been better.

  5. Hmm, went University shopping today with my careers teacher, confusing much..

    Looks like i’ll need an ENTER score of above 84.10 to get into La Trobe, which the teacher said I would easily be able to get. Not sure though.

  6. 5- lol same here, about the 84.10 so im aiming for an 86-87
    just to make sure im in.
    it’s gonna be an… interesting year.

  7. i remember when i was younger having a dream that the Rocca brothers crashed my b’day party…random i know

  8. Hope your birthday party was ok. Wouldn’t want those two crashing in.

  9. lol i remember it being at soem sort of
    restaurant…and they just showed up and joined the party, i was pretty happy about it too! lol

  10. That dream could mean many things, Danni. It could mean exactly what the dream suggested, or it could mean tomorrow you’re going to be crushed by a piano falling from a space shuttle whilst walking down the footpath.

  11. Steve Healy says

    Since I’m a supposed doctor, I can give you advice on this topic.

    But I won’t


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