General Footy Writing: My AFL pretty list

The following players should be commended on being born pretty yet sacrificing their good looks on the footy field for their fans.

How ugly would footy be without them?

1. Ben Cousins: Easily the best looking player in the AFL, with a top bod.

2. Shaun Higgins: Looks like a Prince in red, white and blue.

3. Nathan Brown: The chiseled Greek god-like defender.

4. Brett Deledio: Has a really cute nose and stylish hair.

5. Daniel Giansiracusa: What’s not to like?

6. Tom Hawkins: a catwalk model in the making.

7. Jack Anthony (Superman): what girl doesn’t love a superhero?

8. Sean Rusling: The boy-next-door look.

9. Lance “Buddy” Franklin: Has “Bad Boy” written all over him.

10. Paul Medhurst: The perfect hair mixed with teddy-bearish cuteness.

11. Scott Pendlebury: Poise, confidence and humor.

12. Chris Dawes: a mix of Pendlebury and Medhurst with even more height.

13. Sam Mitchell: Awesome smile and a real gentleman.

12. Cameron Cloke: heart-melting pretty eyes, which I have looked into before.

13. Andrew Mackie: The guy to fall for in high school.

14. Andrew Swallow: great features and looks good in North colours

15. Cameron Mooney: aggressive in a cute way.

16 Jimmy Bartel: Modest, kind and looks good even with a black eye.

17. Campbell Brown: when I met him, I didn’t want to leave.

18. Angus Monfries: Pretty for an Essendon player!

19. Bryce Gibbs: goes on and off the list depending on his hair; if it’s short and shaved he goes off but when it grows back he comes back on.

For those players who did not make the Pretty List, do not be discouraged. A few simple outings to the hair salon could make you pretty pretty!

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Michael Allan says

    Very nice Dani,

    Couldn’t helpo but bnotice not one interstate player got a mention. I think Mark LeCras will feel pretty ripped off.

  2. Thanks Michael.
    yeah ,well the interstate boys arn’t that pretty!
    i would have put Mitch Brown fron West Coast but theres no point since his twin Nathan is already up there! :)

  3. Campbell Brown, Buddy Franklin and Ben Cousins are all technically interstaters. Perth friends remind me of this all the time.

    And why didn’t the mighty Luke Hodge make the list!

  4. ..besides nice eyes..Hodge hasnt got much else going for him.

  5. Josh Barnstable says

    This doesnt sound gay or anything but what about Brett Ebert? He’s known as a pretty boy of the AFL

  6. LOL no Josh, no!
    hes not pretty in the dazzeling way so nope.
    remind me not to let you or Steve do any matchmaking for me LOL

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    What about old Fraser Gehrig Danielle?

  8. WOW JOSH!!
    oh yer i forgot him..yer hes a hottie..
    WHAT!! JOSH!!
    Do you need glasses?? lmaoo
    if i put him up there then i might as well add Umpire McLaren!!
    LOL this is probably a good thing but you have BAD taste in guys LOL!!

  9. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha…one of us guys should do a pretty list on the netballers of Australia. Not me though, i dont know any of the netball players. Except Bianca Franklin, only because of Buddy. Did everyone hear that Buddy got a one week suspension for taking out Ben Cousins?

  10. yes..poor BEN!! i was like BUDDY-HELL!!

    i once saw Sharelle McMahon at the supermarket (netballer) i was like.OMG OMG MUM LOOK!! and mum had no idea who i was talking about..i was so excited LOL

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