Gender and reporting in the AFL

Sasha Lennon has recently had an academic paper published. He looks at the complex issue of gender and footy reporting in the AFL.


  1. A wonderful article. As it says here, very complex. It sure would have taken a lot of research and quite a lot of interviews too I should imagine. Well done on that score Sasha. It’s wonderful though, that women are making such an impact on a sport predominated by men for so long. Personally, I am delighted with the growing and obvious infiltration of women on the footy field, from refereeing to water girls, and masseurs, which is all so visible to the watching public. I do know that behind the scenes, women have always been involved and a very important support to both players and management. Women are moving in to play a much more important part now, and being respected for their respective roll in the game. Thanks for a great article.

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