Geelong’s Lament

By Rod Klein


Nothing was lost

until the moment when cursed coin was tossed,

and then for Cats, all time stood still

whilst Collingwood applied their noisome drill.


The tide, for men hooped in blue and white,

has flooded from the shore with premier-ship astride.

In quickening sand and on the muddied strand

Kardinia dreams are sadly mired.


The hordes of black and white in stripes

have pillaged, plundered, grasped the light,

and leapt full hard upon the stolen ship,

with treasure, once held in sacred store.


But all’s not lost, for saintly vigour

in time of need shall be applied,

and in full riewoldt with utmost rigour

at their journeys end with pride,

will see the carrion birds denied.




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