Geelong v Collingwood Rd 8 MCG

Round 8 Geelong v Collingwood

Freezing weather
Wet and windy at the G
HUGE game
Friday night footy
1 versus 2
Cats and Pies
Both undefeated
Old champs new champs
Hunter Hunted role reversal
Collingwood favourites

Siren sounds
Ottens wins the ruck
No Jolly will hurt Magpies
Geelong wins the clearance
Menzel marks inside 50
Cats kick a point
Collingwood rebound
Cats shot at goal
Cats kick a point
Collingwood rebound
Cats shot at goal
Cats kick a point
Collingwood first time inside 50
Magpies goal
Cats kick a point
Collingwood rebound
Cats kick a point
Cats kick a point
Loving the domination but getting a bad feeling
Stokes breaks with tradition and kicks a goal
Another follows, finally some reward for effort
Killing them everywhere except on the scoreboard

We all know what’s going to happen next
Sure enough it happens
2nd quarter
Collingwood kick four unanswered goals
Turnovers and speed on the break hurting us big time
Pies by 17
Jpod marks inside 50
Jpod misses

Cats refuse to be beaten
Centurion Selwood says enough is enough
Selwood wins clearance
Selwood free kick
Selwood breaks out of pack
Selwood free kick
Selwood inside 50
Selwood free kick
Other Cats rally
Bartel kicks clutch goal from 50
So does Christensen, on for Ling
Lingy makes miracle recovery but alas the red vest has sealed his fate
Magpies leading
But Cats keep coming
Selwood marks in forward pocket
Plays on, handballs to Stevie J
Cats goal!
Jpod marks inside 50
Jpod misses
Jimmy shows him how it’s done
Jpod marks inside 50
Jpod goals at last
My relief is even greater than his
Cats out by 9

Scarlo Tom and Harry repel repeatedly
Pies won’t lie down
Corey kicks it up a gear
Daisy snaps truly
Cats by 3
How long to go?
Not long but long enough
Can’t sit down
Can’t bear to watch
Screaming GO CATS

Boundary throw-in
Collingwood free
Advantage controversy
Dependlebury snaps goal to put Pies in front
Ump says No!
Thanks Ump
Wood takes kick and misses
Cats still in front, just
Cats milk the clock
Harry marks on 50
Siren sounds
The Cats win!
The champs are beaten
Is there any better feeling in football than beating Collingwood?
Oh the bliss, the utter bliss of relief and triumph and sweet sweet victory

3 Selwood
2 Bartel
1 Thomas


  1. Nice one Marcus – is this the executive summary?

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