Gabba Test – Day 3: Australia dominate at the Gabbatoir

Australia ended the third day well on the way to a 1 -0 lead in the battle to regain the  Ashes .

England limped through to stumps finishing at 2/24. Ryan Harris removed cranberry sauce good on a duck and Trott definitely was not amongst the runs, knocked out by a sucker punch from Johnson for 9.

Australia started the day at 0/65 and lost Rogers and our favorite player Watto both to terrible shots early on and then got well on top though a 148 run partnership between Warner and Clarke .

Cook’s tactics were yet again very questionable, giving Warner singles, treating Clarke like he was a bunny and to say it backfired is an understatement. Warner progressed to his first Ashes century and Clarke played with delightful fluency and conquered his  Broad demons to make 113 .

The other centurion for the day was Swan who bowled right arm self-serve smorgasbord to end up with  2/125 off only 27 overs. He could not block an end up and if he continues to bowl in the rest of the series like he has at the  Gabba the Ashes are well on the way to coming home .

Steve Smith made a duck , Bailey made 34 and then Haddin 53 and Johnson 39 combined for a another large partnership this time of 90 enabling Aust to declare at 7/401 and set England the measly target of 561 to win. Anderson bowled with out any penetration to finish with 0/73, Tremlett’s figures flattered him with  3/69 and Root 0/57.

Well if a weeks a long time in footy, 48 hours is a eternity in the battle of the Ashes !

Go Aussies you good things !


  1. Andrew Starkie says

    Cook conceding singles to Warner and Clarke got Aussies back on track. Big day today.

  2. mickey randall says

    Terrific day’s play. Couldn’t have scripted it better. Hard to imagine that Haddin was ever left out of the side. Nice report Malcolm.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Great wrap of day 3 Malcolm. Loved the cranberry sauce line.

  4. Should be working for the Tiser Book!

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Think I might ring Prior and Swann when they walk out to bat won’t mind holding on won’t be long !

  6. yes you are right about swan.. i think this ashes series will be his swan song..

  7. Incredible the shift in the national mood, from Thurs when Aust were 5/110 to Friday when they claimed 6/9 and England all of a sudden had collapsed. Sustained pressure, excellent bowling tactics and executing a plan.. Reminded you of Australia from a previous generation.

  8. English paying the penalty for prpearing doctored dustbowls at home. They cant handle a bit of movement and bounce.

    The Ashes are coming home.

  9. Rulebook, a great wrap, you’ve captured all the relevant highs and lows of the game. The “turkey sauce” was a tad unlucky but the rest have nobody to blame. Cook’s captaincy is mundane and if Aussies can continue to play well then this will be exposed even further. Agree that Swann was out of sorts but think he will tighten up down here in a couple of weeks. Hopefully see you “out the back” on that weekend………

  10. Rulebook,
    catching up with the Test just completed here.
    Thanks for the report. Hard to believe Cook would gift singles to Clarke.
    Swann as the self-serve smorgasboard is an enjoyable image.

  11. Mitch Johnson, gone from changing his run up mid test to a superstar, just goes to show how quickly players can turn around their form if given some support and leadership perhaps

  12. A good read

  13. David hamzy says

    Great ashes result. The best and only thing jimmy Anderson could do is shoot his mouth off.i think he needs his mummy!
    Give us those Ashes!

  14. What ever happened to be gracious in victory? Great win but didn’t need the theatrics! Just get the job done

  15. stephen double aa says

    terrific wrap up Rulebook , we were there a great days play.

  16. Top pice, Mal. Go you good thing yourself!

  17. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  18. Glad you didn’t let Swan’s ton go amiss there Book … feels good after 9 without a win. Disturbing how my well being is so aligned with the fortunes of our national side!

  19. its a big help to have big johnno bowling thunderbolts again and to see Johnathon, trott back off to england is pretty significant in the series. this means the English have to toy with the top 7 which if they get it right in bringing bell up to 3 could have a big effect on the series. i love the fact that swann keeps bowling with so much side spin and zero top spin and expects something different to happen. pity we gifted him a couple of cheap wickets 0/200 after one test would of been good to see. Aussies beware tho since the Adelaide oval has become a drop in much of the wickets have been going to the spinners so jump on im early and knock him out of the attack and then let johnno at him with pups words fresh in his mind “get ready for a F8#kin broken arm and face up!!!” see how many ducks on the wall he can shoot out of the England lower order!!!
    but who cares about all that, only a week to go and day 1 will be here in Adelaide and they can play and we can cheer on the aussies and jeer at the English, and sit in the stands and enjoy far to many froth tops!!! just they should bring some full strength beer to the hill plant a stump cam and listen to some real sledges!!!

  20. Daniel gilbert says

    This has been coming for a while all the signs were there in England. While we did not play well in England neither did the poms and if weather had not interviened the result may have been different. For me the true test will come in melb and Sydney for the Aussies or will the series be over by then? I can’t see too many draws this series as I can’t see either batting line up strong enough to make the big scores consistently
    I do however think that the poms would rather not be here at the moment and a 4-1 score line could be the go for me

  21. Rick Bizz Sarre says

    Move over Jim Maxwell. The Book is on the money. Great Broad-side and perhaps a Swann-song?

  22. Great work mal

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