AFL Teams: Go the Tricolours!

In the lead-up to the Footy Almanac lunch at the Clyde Hotel on Friday 30 April, a lunch with a Saints v Bulldogs theme, Michael Rees has selected a team of players to have played for both clubs.

Go the Tricolours!

B: Dean Chiron, Alby Smedts, Michael Ford
HB: Mick Frost, Mark Kellett, Anthony Darcy
C: Stephen Powell, Brian Wilson, Phil Cronin
HF: Nicky Winmar, Max Crow, Bucket Tweedale
F: Con Gorozidis, Barry Hall, John Bennett
FOLL: Alister Ford, Farren Ray Bruce Duperouzel
INT: Luke Beveridge, Darren Davies, Tony Evans, Dave Dick


  1. Shane Birss slots in somewhere too. Both clubs were happy to get him then pleased to let him go. Like our shared histories, not quite good enough.

  2. Mic,
    Chalkdog wants to ask…
    “Did Gorozidis brother [George I think] come across with him?”

  3. pauldaffey says


    Would Luke Penny oust Alby at full-back?

    Maybe not.

    Alby’s sons (the Smedts boys!) are now fine players at North Warrnambool.

  4. Birss is indicative of the pretty good decisions made at the Kennel in recent times whereby we discard players who don’t last long elsewhere (and no Brownlows! -ref the Cowton, Moylan & Williams for Dempsey trade noted in your other piece!). St fans were happy with him for a while and then he had fitness issues and then he just faded to opaque. Sometimes you recruit a prospect who doesn’t kick on and you have to make tough calls. Cam Faulkner was one. Power, McMahon,Skipper, Penny, Birss and Ray make room for new players to come in to the squad.

  5. pauldaffey says


    I actually admire the Dogs for holding on to players until they’ve given them a good and proper go – and then, if they’re surplus, they let go of them.

    Wayde Skipper must have been 26 before he was let go.

    Peter Street was 28.

    Ryan Hargraves was 25 before he became a player.

    The thing with those three was that they were tall and stringy, so more time was given, but even midfielders like Sam Power and Farren are given several years before being moved on.

    In 1981, Footscray officials must have hidden under the tables when two former Dogs, Barry Round and Bernie Quinlan (also from the same original club, Traralgon), shared the Brownlow. It was no coincidence that the Dogs were rooted at the bottom of the ladder.

    Those days are long gone. I reckon the Dogs manage their lists well.

  6. Daff,
    Without wanting to distract from this article and its fun aspects, I must say that I agree we are no longer rooted and are well managed. For all of his detractors, since the Campbell Rose regime has arrived there have only been positive vibes from Barkly St. Beforehand, if we were in the paper, it meant relocation, merger or Libba had bitten someone.
    It is good that they give players a chance to “make it” but, with big fellas, Sydney seem to have a good philosophy of let someone else nurture and then grab what you need – haven’t private schools flourished with that ideal also? Its getting tough to “waste” time on junior development. A new contract means other clubs can push hard. Maybe the whole U18 thing is not the way to go, though Scully and Trengove are sure making an impact.

  7. pauldaffey says


    Weren’t those the days, when Libba was biting people? And I agree that Sydney are the smartest drafters. They never waste an early pick, or even a national draft pick, on a big bloke. They leave the punts until the rookie draft.

    A midfielder taken in the top 10 is almost guaranteed to make it. A big bloke taken in the top 10 is a punt. Sydney doesn’t punt. They draft midfielders who are going to make it and then raid for big men.

    Back to the fun, Dale Kickett must have played for the Bulldogs and Saints at some stage.

  8. Paul: Alby Smedts got a mention last night on SEN’s GBU crew program for his effort of keeping Peter Hudson to three at Princes Park in 1977. Memorable moment in that game was Bernie Quinlan’s magnificent mark 15 yeards from goal late in the game. If he kicks truly we’re a chance. He sprayed the kick. We lost. To make matters worse Brian Wilson won the 1982 medal – another bloke not good enough according to those in charge at the end of ’79. Yes the Dogs do, things much better than was the case in the late 70’s/early 80’s

    Crio: The “Dempsey for 3 other blokes” trade was a stinker. Mark Williams played a couple of terrific games for the Dogs late in season 1979. Kept both David Cloke & Mark Maclure quiet in Rds 19 & 20. I think he returned to Tassie at the end of that season. He is mentioned in the “where are they now” section of John Power’s “The Coach”

  9. The doggies owe their thanks to the French.
    You see the tricolour was invented during the French revolution :)
    Ahh yes, a revolt against a monarchy then BAM France has it’s flag!

  10. Fair bit of red, white and blue on world flags Danielle. Its not black and white…although, did you know that, arguably, Collingwood probably aspired to the precious red, white and blue?
    According to fullpointsfooty, in 1892 they took over Vic Park from the disbanding Britannia.
    “Collingwood already had a ready-made home ground at Victoria Park, which had been used by Britannia since 1882, but because Britannia’s colours of red, white and blue had already been claimed by Footscray it was necessary for the newcomers to come up with an alternative combination, which proved to be the now famous black and white.”

  11. 10- Wow! That’s really cool, i didn’t know that. Thanks for the small history lesson Mr.Crio. As you might have noticed i love my history :)
    I must admit though, I’m happier with black and white, it’s more slimming and flattering to my figure. lol

  12. Danielle #9 & Crio #10 – I always thought Footscray’s pre Colour TV (’75) colours & jumper design were magnificent – some may suggest they exhibited an “aura of toughness”. I still have nightmares regarding those appalling red shorts, and I’m colour blind !

  13. The question has to be asked to you, Mic, and any others…who won on these exchanges?

  14. Crio #13 – There are no winners. Call it a draw. And a dour 0-0 one at that.

  15. Bazza has the chance to be the big, bad impact but it is a longbow choice since he came via Swannies.
    Were any of your team premiership players?

  16. pauldaffey says


    Bruce Duperouzel might have played in a flag team at Subiaco.

  17. And, according to Christian Ryan in his fantastic Kim Hughes book (Golden Boy), Duper was an absolute gun cricketer.

  18. Peter Flynn says


    First-class 5 matches
    8 innings
    2 not outs
    143 runs
    43 highest score
    23.83 average
    7 catches

  19. Crio 15# – I don’t believe any tasted the ultimate success
    17# – Good read

    Paul 16# – Duper doesn’t appear on the WAFL register of premiership players. They may have struggled in the 70’s prior to the arrival of players such as Moss, Hunter and the Krakouer brothers.

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