Fundraising Lunch for BCNA event with Yvette Wroby as guest speaker.

This Sunday lunch, I have been invited to speak at Prince Patrick Hotel, at a pre Melbourne v Sydney game luncheon, to raise money for Breast Cancer Network Australia.  There are still vacancies for the lunch itself. (See details for booking below).


I have been asked to speak about women’s footy.


I will talk lots of the really positive stuff to come out of AFLW – Great women footballers and their stories on and off the field, the explosion of girls and women now playing,  The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017 and 2018 (soon to be launched), the increase of women on Foxtel and Channel 7 programming, and of course, the ABC, the podcasts, websites and articles in the Guardian. Our very own Kate O’Halloran is a rock star.


I may also need a fellow Almanacker or two to keep me in line once I get started on the last few weeks circus and developments.  I am on the side of a walk out of players if the fledgling league is treated as a toy by the AFL. I have my walking boots on. And I am taking a breath.


With the book titled “AFLW : See What We’ve Created” launched after the first season (wonderfully written by Andrew Gigacz) but with an ambiguous title (is it see what the women’s footballers did or a see what the AFL did?), the first season looked to be the beginning of something big.




The AFL seemed to have diminished it over the next season, underselling their own product with less advertising, minor channel 7 coverage, critiques and changes to the game coming to light just after the season began and a continuing lack of foresight and organisation. (Who doesn’t sell tickets to an event so people can know they have bookings and not stay away in droves because of uncertainty of weather/crowds ie see opening night game or Grand Final at Princess Park etc). How can the players organise their usual lives when they still don’t know their AFLW contracts yet in August before drafting, pre-season and and no certainty of a fixture and number of games?


It did the rounds this week that CEO of the AFLW has a department of two assistants and herself.  And she is not full time in this position.  We are yet to hear how the Competition Committee will deal with all of the issues, but it isn’t just about the competition.  It’s about creating a department for the long run with the resources to deal with the ‘See what we Created’ stuff.


OK, so if you’re free and want to help support BCNA and this particular event at Prince Patrick Hotel on Sunday 12th August at 1pm, and listen to acoustic music and yours truly chatting (I will be as ZEN as possible) about passion and women’s footy, call the pub at 03 9419 4221 and book your place.


For more of Yvette’s thoughts on AFLW and St Kilda, CLICK HERE:


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About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. ROBERT UTBER says

    Go for it Yvette! Sorry I cannot be there to help the cause and to support Breast cancer.
    When is the AFL going to realise that the “penny has dropped”?
    Citrus Bob

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