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Frustrated Eddie: another snide remark about the Swans

He just can’t help himself! Blah, Blah, Blah.

It’s enough that we have to listen to him as a commentator, and it’s more than enough that we have to listen to him carrying on about his beloved Collingwood and their current failings, but it’s a bit beyond the pale when his frustration gives rise to comments such as those he made on Fox Footy’s Super Saturday after the Swans v Essendon game.

“Recruiting fantastic for the Swans: their three controversial recruits in the last few years, Franklin, Heeney and Tippett….”

Tell me, what controversies?

Blah, blah, blah.

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About Jan Courtin

A Bloods tragic since first game at Lake Oval in 1948. Moved interstate to Sydney to be closer to beloved Swans in 1998. My book "My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans" was launched by the Swans at their headquarters at the SCG in August 2016.


  1. Jan
    Eddie’s carry-on in recent weeks has actually been laughable. And the media slavishly lap it all up!
    I have a tip for you – don’t obsess over Eddie. It will drive you crazy!
    “Controversial” is a good pick-up! To my way of thinking, Buddy was in no way controversial – the
    Swans played the system within the rules. There has been slight controversy attached to
    Tippett given how the Crows, and Tippett himself, were both involved in bending AFL draft rules.
    Were the Swans at fault? Maybe, maybe not. But it could be arguable that they knew of the
    Tippett “agreement” whereby he would be traded to a club of his choice.
    And as for Heeney, if it weren’t for the Swans academy he would be playing rugby league. Cannot
    see how that is controversial, despite Eddie’s bleating.

  2. Dave Brown says

    Second Smokie’s suggestion, Jan – liberal application of the mute button. Technically he may be correct – but they are controversial purely because he has made them so. It’s these sort of unmanaged conflicts of interest that make these shows pretty much unwatchable for me, whether it be Eddie being Eddie, Tim Watson talking about Essendon and his son or Wayne Carey talking. Hit the mute button and read the Almanac instead!

  3. jan courtin says

    Thanks for your “don’t obsess over Eddie” tip Smokie. I realised that years ago, but when he continues to drop snide comments against the club he obviously loathes the most, I allow myself to react! I can’t stand the man.

    And yes, Dave, the mute button or fast forward is usually my preferred option.

    I very rarely watch any of the commentators’ musings these days (apart from AFL 360 and On the Couch – and often fast forward them too) and when I watch replays I always fast forward everything except the game itself. On Saturday night however, after I arrived home from the game and watched it again on the recording, I couldn’t find the remote (it had fallen under the couch) and got Eddie instead!


  4. I can’t stand the man either Jan, but he’s not worth worrying about.

  5. Peter Fuller says

    A crucial lesson to keep the remote, safe (unlost), within reach and with spare batteries conveniently close.

  6. Hi Jan,

    I don’t listen to the breakfast show on Triple M because of him. Your recruiting except Tippet has no problem. His comments are the probkems.

    To be honest I don’t want to listen to his commentary on my St Kilda games. But I sometimes have to do to keep up with my boys and to write for Almanac.

    Dave’s idea reading Almanac articles is brilliant.

    I’m disappointed Jeff Kennett’s suggestion not quitting. He says f***ing Eddie is doing good jobs for the game. It’s Kennett’s silly comment, like his curse. By the way I don’t want Hawthorn to lose against f***ing Collingwood!

    I’m glad Carlton won on Saturday.



  7. Keiran Croker says

    Hi Jan,
    I reckon Eddie could find a problem with us getting Tommy Papley. Selected with last rookie pick after every club had passed on him twice. Surely we rorted the system. Some sort of grandfather/grandson concession.

  8. G’day Jan, do they publish the gate receipts for Sydney games nowadays? For many many years there were crowd figures but never gate receipts.



  9. jan courtin says

    Thanks all.
    Marcel: I’m always working on your “not worth worrying about” advice, but sometimes fail.

    Peter: I couldn’t live without the remote. I usually keep it in my hand to fast forward ads and intervals in the footy. When it’s unattended, it’s usually easy to find, with the red and white Swans emblem prominent. So, it must have been “meant” for me to see his face and hear his words when the remote went missing on Saturday!

    Yoshi: I agree with your sentiments and never want his mob to win – unless it helps my team!

    Keiran: With all his hot air about the northern Academies (another story), he’ll no doubt find that Millsy is somehow part of a rort or conspiracy too!

    Glen: Your curiosity has got the better of me. Please explain further.

  10. Tony Courtin says

    Motor-mouth Maguire certainly pushes people’s buttons. I fully endorse comments of previous contributors to this discussion. I utilise the mute button on the box and never listen to his super ego spluttering ad nauseum on radio. Well done Jan on stimulating discussion.

  11. jan courtin says

    Unfortunately we don’t get any AFL on radio up here in rugby league land, Tony, but maybe I should be grateful !

    However, I always look forward to reaching 100 or so km from Melbourne on our trips down south, so we can tune into “footy talk” on Melbourne radio. I don’t think Melburnians have a clue what it’s like for a football lover, living up north.

    See you at the Tigers game. Thanks

  12. Hi Jan my point was that since the creation of the Sydney Football Club in 1982 the newspapers would print crowd figures. Gate takings however were written up as N/A. This went on for many many years. I rarely read the papers now but i’m curious if they print gate receipts .

    The issue for me is how many of these people pay admission, and how many are provided entry to the ground to make the crowd figures look better.The AFL has poured millions of dollars into NSW and Queensland, too much to fail. So i’m cynical of these aspects of how the game is run.


  13. jan courtin says

    Wouldn’t have a clue Glen. When we were first sent to Sydney, some handouts were given to encourage people from this rugby-league dominated city to watch an AFL game. That was nearly 34 years ago.

    All I know now is that the Swans have 50,000 paid up members, including Victorian members, and I would hazard a guess that every one attending is more than happy to have paid their dues and be sitting at the SCG watching our now successful team participating in our 142nd year of red and white.

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