From the NT to the MCG and back again

By Paul Thomson

Whether we like it or not, the Melbourne Football Club’s decision to recruit Liam Jurrah has certainly not followed the paths that we are used to in the footy world. Regardless of the Demons’ results for the rest of 2012, the Jurrah story, as it unfolds, potentially has the capability to educate the non-Aboriginal Australians about parts of life in Australia that might not otherwise get reported in the media. Much of what has been written about Jurrah thus far has romanticised his journey from Yuendumu to the MCG. The reality of his circumstance now and thru the legal process tells us many unpalatable facts about life as we thought we knew it in parts of outback Australia. The terms whitefella law, tribal law, payback etc will become part of the lingo of this story. How it unfolds? Who knows but anyone who follows this story with interest will get a real education about some of the problems facing Aboriginal Australia, as opposed to some of the media coverage the issues get. It is not for the faint-hearted, but arguably the more public knowledge there is on this topic the better. Patrick Carlyon’s excellent five-page article in Saturday’s Herald Sun was actually a real eye-opener. If you have the time, it is definitely worth a read. As for a solution to the problems, well…I am hopeful that there is the capability to reach solutions. How do we know? How will we know? Time hopefully has the answers.


Cats Coach Chris Scott spoke to the kitty litter (or litter of kittens) and wanted something to be shown. He wasn’t disappointed. Bille Smedts (3 goals) and Mitch Duncan (31 stats) led the charge against the Bombers, ably assisted by the olde-garde Stevie J, Corey & the Tomahawk. The Cats make a statement by 67pts – not done yet!

The Premiership Favourites Cup took place at the G on Saturday. The Buddy-less Hawks set the tone all day, hard and fast. Jordan Lewis led from the front as a defensive forward with 5 goals, Roughhead and Gunston ably filling-in for Buddy. The Magpies have some homework. Hawks by 47pts. Travis’ asking price is dropping.

A definite finals preview took place at AAMI on Saturday when Sando’s Crows hosted the injury-hit Eagles. The Crows led all day and won by 49pts, led from the front by “boxer shorts” Bernie who kicked 4 and the Porpoise with 3, across a great spread of goalkickers. For the Eagles, Bertocchi’s boy Ashton Hams kicked 3.

Q-clash (stupid moniker) was replaced c/- Fox Footy with “Tropic Thunder 4” (much better moniker, named after a great Ben Stiller movie). Gold Coast hosted their northern rivals from Brisbane. A close, low scoring game saw many mistakes, but Brisbane was more composed/effective at the death c/- Tom Rockliff. Lions by 11pts.

C/- our NT scribe…waterfall swims, crocs and kakadu among many top end treats for punters trekking to a hot Darwin for Melbourne and Port. Both teams had their share of injuries, but Howe’s mark c/- Stefan Martin’s back a highlight. The Demons had more attacking ball and time, but @6000 saw Port by 28pts with Paul Stewart 5 goals.

The Dogs hosted Carlton who had to answer whether the glass is half full or not? Three debutants, but a late withdrawal of Robinson added to Carlton’s injuries. Juddy was offset a bit by the form of Murphy as skipper. The Dogs, thru Dahlhaus, blitzed the first half, but Collins, McLean, Betts and Gibbs kicked the Blues to an 18pt win.

Having (ALLEGEDLY!) borrowed Homer Simpson’s “No Fat Chicks” T-shirt during the week, the Saints flew north to take on the top team at their SCG fortress. A 29pt win by Sydney didn’t really do the Saints justice as a late flurry by the Swans took a close game and blew it apart. A great effort by the Saints. Sydney looking the Goodes.

North came to the MCG for the 1st time in 2012. Neck Tatts’ Martin returned for the Tigers. A classic 8pt game for the Tigers, keen to atone for last week. Emotions ran high at qtr time, but a tight game throughout saw Petrie break free of Alex Rance’s rein to boot 5 last qtr goals. A frenetic last qtr saw Shane Tuck kick 2. North by 4pts.

Fremantle had seen Hawthorn and Adelaide bolster their % against the Giants and thought their turn was now. At home, the Dockers won by 95pts on the back of 7 goals from Pav. A 4 goal term from GWS in the 3rd looked like a reasonable effort by the away team, but that didn’t last as Freo stretched a 10goal lead at the last change.

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