Footy Tipping Rego

Welcome to The Footy Almanac Tipping Competition which has been hotly contested in recent years.

What you have to ask yourself is where you sit in the firmament of Almanac tipsters? Have you got the Waaia eye of Barnstable covered; can you compete with the Pie mind of Danni Eid; are you brighter than Peter Flynn; does enough info make it to the north coast of Tassie to keep Phantom in the hunt?

It’s free to play.

A nice prize to the winner is provided by Murrindindi Vineyards.

Register at

If you haven’t tipped with Optus before click on ‘Join’. And if you have you will just log in as you always do.

Then click on ‘Competitions’, and then ‘Search Comps’. 

Our comp is called ‘Footy Almanac 2011’ and the password is ‘reghickey’.

 All welcome, of course.

I will be a framing a market once registartions take off. Any thoughts on early favouritism?


  1. Peter Schumacher says

    Have to be Collingwood I suppose. What a blow that is. Certainly not my mob.

  2. Hi John. Despite Reg being a fine footballer the optus site doesnt appear to like him as a password

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