Footy Poetry: Josh

Josh hired a beach house on the Tassie east coast for his thirtieth.
One by one, well drunk at the dinner table, food on the go,
We stood to tell his stories. Some embarrassing, some awkward,
All of them raw, delivered by honest people and booze.

By the time it was Josh’s turn to say his piece, we actually
Fell into silence born of his emotion, waiting
While he choked on words.
His voice took on a third of all noise,
Mixing with the music none of us could be bothered getting up
To turn down. And the footy commentary. The Eagles were
Overrunning the Pies. Taking their fourth spot.

It was beautiful. All of it. Collingwood losing. Good people,
These things that rim our hearts and moments. That frame our deeds.

Josh got all teary, which was a bit of a surprise. Real enough from a hardened man. From the background, a crappy
Rock classic drifted through him, while Nic Naitanui gathered the ball,
Pushing off and running away from Harry O’Brien.



  1. Beautiful, raw and simply stunning. As usual.
    What I want to know though
    is what did Josh say
    with that rock classic
    that drifted through him?

  2. Andrew Starkie says

    great imagery zurbs

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