Footy exPIEriment

Being a student in the faculty of psychological science, i couldn’t help but try and
conduct a small experiment to do with footy.
We all know how people react to Collingwood supporters, so i took note of the reactions of
my new classmates and lab buddies to see if it effects how they act to me afterwards.

This experiment started when the lecturer mentioned footy during the lecture and i leaned over to ask
the guy next to me which team he went for.
“Hawthorn” he replied- interesting, he looked like more of a Bomber to me.
“what about you?” he asked.
ahh here we go- “Collingwood” i said not too loudly, we were still in a lecture.
and now for the reaction-
“ahh, get out” *shakes his head*
reaction number one- NEGATIVE.

The next day in lab i was on twitter and the Jack Anthony wallpaper caught my lab neighbour’s eye.
James- “OHH you don’t go for COLLINGWOOD….”
“yes i do, why are you a Blue or something?”
James- “nah, but u go for COLLINGWOOD? thats just feral, can have a look at your teeth?”
-flashes pearly whites “yep see, they are all there!”
James-“Still, you’re a COLLINGWOOD SUPPORTER they are such scum, they know nothing”
“Ahuh you mean, they don’t know ANYTHING. if your gonna insult me do it properly! and who do you go for mate?”
“Ahhh now i see, you’re bitter, have not won in a while..its k”
James *turns to my lab partner and asks him who he goes for*
Sean- “St.Kilda”
danni- “…WHAT..okay we can’t be lab partners anymore!” lol
reaction number two- NEGATIVE

AFTER LAB CLASS on lunchbreak with Brendon.
Brendan- “i dont follow footy”
– “at all?”
Brendan- “nah i can’t watch it”
-“not even the grandfinal”
Brendan-“nah i looked at the score a bit but not watch it nah”
-“oh, well i’m a collingwood supporter”
Brendan-“oh really, hmm yeah its not really my thing, i  do watch soccer though.”
reaction number three- NEGATIVE to footy overall.

TODAY- wore Collingwood jumper to uni.
*ran into James in the lecture hall*
James to Marcos grinning – “mate could you please like scribble on her jumper or something to make it better.
its awful!”
Me to Marcos-” you got anything i could throw at his head?”
*Marcos fumbles around in his pencil case looking* and says
“yeah, i dont really follow footy”
i was greated by a booming yell across the Agora of
“Go blues”
– oh we go.  i didnt react or look for the voice.
Again, Louder this time.
Again i dont look.
Claire- “Was that yelling that for you?”
-“yep and im kinda gettin used to it to be honest.”

So there we go, the experiment shows mostly negative reactions to my ‘Collingwoodness’
Although i can report friendships being formed with all (except the random carlton yeller) mentioned.
So to everyone out there, don’t be so ‘teamist’ Collingwood supporters are nice people! :) (once you get to know them)

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Steve Healy says

    Nice one, Danni. :)

    Are there more boys than girls doing your course?

  2. Thanks Steve.
    umm no theres way more girls than boys in my course.
    In one of my tutorials theres only 3 guys and about 10 girls.

  3. Dave Nadel says

    I teach sport studies courses at Monash. As part of the introductory get to know you exercise in the first tutorial I always ask the students to tell the tute a couple of things about themselves and their sporting interests including which AFL team they barrack for (if any). Given that the two campuses (Caulfield and Peninsula) are in the Southern suburbs, which is not traditionally Pie territory, I am always pleasantly surprised by the number of Collingwood supporters doing my subjects. I knew last year was going to be a good year when the Magpie supporters outnumbered the Saints in both my Peninsula (Frankston) tutorials. This had never previously happened.

    So, hang in there Danni. Never mind the insults, there are actually more of us than there are of them.

  4. :) lol woulda been cool to do that subject you teach Dave!
    hahah imagine if i was your student, that would be pretty funny.
    I will be doing Sports Media as my elective in second half of the yea, can’t wait! :)
    what shocks me is the number of people who dont follow footy at all, weird.

  5. I love that there is footy banter in the (universal) agora.

  6. JTH- :) LaTrobe’s Agora is the place to be on lunchbreak or…when u skip your lectures lol.
    BTW the Carlton yeller was a muzza..theres a shocker :O lol

  7. hey Dani – yuck collingwood lol!

  8. John Kingsmill says

    Hey Danni – got a lab partner yet?

  9. Swarter5, hi do i know you? lol

    John, are you offering? lol

    btw update a friend who i sat next to in psych who is also in my writing class,
    says he goes for Geelong but also doesnt ‘follow footy’- WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! lol

  10. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Watch out for the psycho’s in psych Danni…er…I mean the Carlton fans.

    But, seriously how are you finding Uni so far?

  11. 10- LOL Phil :)
    so far context wise, its really heavy and im finding it pretty hard to be honest, but
    ive just gotta hold on and get through it. Easy to make friends with the guys though lol.

  12. Neil Belford says

    So you have a Fremantle player as your wallpaper Danni…

  13. 12- Yes that is correct, but hes wearing a Collingwood jumper in that picture.

  14. 12– Subiaco player.

  15. 12-14
    Does it really matter? Im half Freo supporter now too, i have adopted them
    as my second team.

  16. You’re now half Collingwood, half Fremantle and half Subiaco. By the way Subi (the Lions) play in maroon and gold. Home ground: Leederville Oval (where the Almanac has been launched the past two years. Coach: Chris Waterman. Prominent players: Jack Anthony.

  17. It sounds like the Agora is a place where much agon takes place.

    I’d recommend bars as the best place at uni, but that comes from someone who took four goes to get through…

  18. 16- lol

    17- For LaTrobe that would be the Eagle Bar, which i have not visited since O-week.
    Who knows, i mite have to visit to drown my sorrows once i get my first Psych essay back.. -_-

  19. 16- lol riteo Les.

    17- Gus, For LaTrobe that would be the Eagle Bar which i have not visited since O-week.
    Who knows, i mite have to visit to drown my sorrows once i get my first Psych essay back.. -_-

  20. Danni,

    you’ve gone quiet. Are you alright?

    I can only surmise that you are flat out with your nose to the slate trying to appease lecturers or you are currently walking across the Nullabor in your in a Dockers top with number 22 on the back.

    Come back Danni. All is forgiven. We love you.

  21. Hey Phantom, im alive and now im fine.
    Had a bit of boy drama but all is well now.
    Appease lecturers? lol ummm…does leaving a lecture 20mins in for a stroll with a new friend and a chocolate bar instead count?
    Ive submitted a few essays for psych now and im depressed about it.
    I Don’t think i have ever written something that bad that i have been embarrassed to hand it up. My friend had to physically snatch it off me and put it in the slot, even after i considered bribing admin to get it back!
    Ive been quite simply b/c lately i have just been watching footy for relaxation and not writing about it, wont last long so dont worry lol.


  22. It took me a while to work it out Danni but I came up with a simple formula.

    Work out what the lecturer wants for your assignments and give it to them.

    If you think you get the shakes when you are submitting the assignments wait till you click the button to get the mark.

    I can’t help you with boy dramas. I have never had a boyfriend. But if they are anything like girl dramas, good luck because girls are mean. Well a lot used to be to me.

    You will get through if you have ahlf a brain and a good work ethic.

    Cheers, Phantom.

  23. Almanackers i need your help please!! :)
    i need as many of you as i can get to describe in one or two words
    my writing voice in regards to my footy pieces.
    I need this for an upcoming profwriting assignment. thanks

  24. Andrew Fithall says

    I hope profwriting is an abbreviation of professional writing and not proofwriting…

  25. John Butler says


    Borderline hysterical?

    Just kidding. :)

    How about passionate? Partisan? Emmotional.

    AF, perhaps she means writing about Profs?

  26. Andrew Fithall says

    Logical; rational; well-grounded; sensible; sound; reasonable; suitably monochromatic but with a slight anthony-bias. Am I up to two words yet?

  27. lol Danni.

    Your writing voice is YOUR voice.

  28. AF- yes its professional writing lol

    thanks JB :) lol at Dips, yeah i wanted to ssy that but my lecturer will prob be like …ELABORATE!! -_-
    so thats why i asked for help :)

  29. You only wanted 2 words!!

  30. 29- lol very funny! but if i jst said-
    my writing voice is MY voice, i dont think he’d be too happy lol

  31. Some ideas:

    “No doubts”
    “All in”
    “Extreme prejudice”
    “OMG LOL”

  32. Steve Healy says

    I reckon “Extravagent and Ordinary” is a good description

  33. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Emotive and Perceptive.

    Go Pies :)

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