Footy cats and dogs, footy babies, houses and gnomes plus..

Steve Alomes is looking for images of appropriately clad footy cats and dogs, or even better babies in their footy colours in the crib….

and there may also be a place for other images – footy houses, footy gnomes, even rooms dedicated as shrines to footy.

I have some gnomes, a car shot or two, but would appreciate others which can be used in my forthcoming book on Australian Football as the people’s game, which is to be published by Walla Walla Press later this season.

And also, really good shots of ‘mixed marriages’ or ‘mixed partisans’, supporters of different clubs going to the footy together or at the footy together.

I can be contacted via email – [email protected], or [email protected] – or Skype: sgacaj1. From June 3rd on 03-9372 1531.


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