Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June

Join John Harms and other intrepid Almanackers for a weekend in North West Tasmania


Friday morning

Fly to Wynyard


Choice of golf or a Phantom-guided tour of the region

Friday night – Almanac Book Launch

Wynyard Football Club


Wynyard local football or

 Hawthorn v North Melbourne at Launceston (subject to interest level and special transport arrangements)

Saturday night

Venue/activity to be determined


Local activity before return flight

Accommodation (limited numbers) at Rocky Cape to be supplied courtesy Phantom (Bill Walker)

Expressions of interest to Andrew Fithall

[email protected]

0407 526 232

Approx Fares (subject to confirmation: Return flight – $300

Land transport arrangements to be confirmed.

Trip is being organised out of Melbourne, but other travellers welcome.


  1. Peter Baulderstone says

    Tasmanian Almanac Launch in June???
    Phantom – is that because the HMS Endeavour has not yet arrived with the 2011 edition due to unfavourable winds? Or are you and Harms launching the celebratory “two in a row” 2012 edition with JBartel on the cover – just getting in early for Xmas?

  2. Peter,

    if you were any sort of a decent Knacker you would come over and boost the local depressed economy with some of that Chinese money that you ‘hand gropers’ seem to be coverting at the moment.

    No problem with accommodation. I have picked out a bull ant’s nest you can sleep on.

  3. Peter Baulderstone says

    No problems with sleeping on Tassie ant nests. All the ants left years ago to get a tunneling job in WA or Queensland mines. Unfortunately the Quld immigrants drowned in the floods.

  4. Looks like I’d better get my passport updated and buy a recent copy of “The Tasmanian Phrase Book” so I can make myself understood at the local market.

    Phanto – do you drink beer in pots, schooners or gum boots down there?

  5. Dips,

    Tasmanian Phrase Book: Section 1. “You can tell a Victorian – but you can’t tell him much”

    We drink beer in ‘excess’ down here. (Boags Red XXX is the favourite of the locals with real taste)

    We also have fine reds, whites and sparklies as well as extremely good single malts.

  6. Andrew Fithall says

    There is only one seat left on the mid/late morning Friday 1 June flight the group is travelling on. Get in quick if you want to grab it. We are returning early afternoon on Sunday 3 June.

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