Footy Almanac Race Day

The inaugural handicap will be run today at Geelong.

A hardy band of Almanackers will be wining/dining/punting their way through the afternoon.

Follow the action through the afternoon. (Some more excitable types might even apply the tag ‘interactive’ to this experiment.

Good punting!


  1. As a rusted-on Almanacker, I’m devastated not to be there. JTH, any tips woulod be welcome!

  2. John Butler says


    I believe they are very much in the planning. For better or worse…

  3. Gigs – I feel your pain. Plugging away at work myself. Not much fun.

  4. Gee had we been a week later the boys from the ACT could have ripped it up at Geelong .On second thought best we are not be there plus my ability to have back to back winning weekends on the punt in not outstanding. The fav in the last will win

  5. John Butler says

    As our track-side correspondents have obviously had ‘connectivity’ problems (or too much red wine-Ed), it falls to the bloke who knows nothing about racing to declare the results of the Handicap:

    1st – Etoile Rouge

    2nd – Mrs Elle

    3rd – Amazing Luck (who’s luck obviously wasn’t that amazing)

  6. smokie88 says

    A great day had by all down at the Geelong (synthetic!!) track.

    Thankfully P J Flynn was on the Geelong Flyer in the morning to make the journey
    to Sleepy Hollow a little more entertaining. Interesting trivia: it takes
    exactly 29 minutes to walk from Corio station to his mother’s house.

    A few roughies saluted over the course of the day, with J T Harms getting off to an
    impressive start by backing the winner of the first.

    It seemed like a couple of those nags were not too keen on getting into the barriers
    and decided to go for a run sans jockey.

    As I caught the 4:52 out of Geelong, I cannot vouch for what transpired after the meet.

  7. Peter Flynn says

    Thanks Smoke,

    Always a pleasure.

    North Geelong not Corio.

    Uncracking Ian Hunter’s code at 4am.

    Will be watching Jimmy sorry Jay Bartel at 2.10pm.

    PJ Flynn

    Thanks J Dunne and J Harms. We no longer have christian names.

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