Flying Doormat


It seems that since the dawn of humankind
the bearded bald man punches from behind,
then tiptoes off his man without a trace
and somehow finds the ball with time and space.



This poem appears in Damian’s latest book Strange Game in a Strange Land, a volume of short, playful poems about Flower, Daicos, Doull, Blight and co, available from Wilkinson Publishing, or direct from the author for $20 including postage.


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About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a failed half-forward flanker who writes poetry. He is the author of 'Strange Game in a Strange Land'.


  1. george smith says

    Check out the Fanboy’s (sorry the watcher Garrie Hutchison’s) story about the Carlton champ. Although a tad Meldrumesque, it is a very good tribute to his hero, and therefore not without merit.

    It is available in Ken Piesse’s book of Australian Football, and probably in the ramblings (sorry record) of Garrie the Watcher.

  2. John Butler says

    Love it, DB. But of course, I would.

    Don’t worry about George. He just never got over ’70. Or ’79. Or ’81.

  3. george smith says

    1990 sure helped me get over 1981 – dumped by girlfriend, car broke down in Seymour, gave my prized lobster away to the cats outside the Massey Ferguson factory in Sunshine. THEN two weeks later the dreaded 1981 grand final.

    Also, I’ve seen a lot of wooden spoons and false dawns out at Showponyland…

    I was going to insert some mean joke at Carlton’s expense, but I don’t want to push my luck with the Footy Gods. For some reason us Magpies are a very superstitious lot…

  4. Nice, Damo. Very nice.

  5. Kevin Densley says

    Bruce Doull corresponding to mythic archetype? Most certainly! Really like this!

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