Five words for Round 8: Carlton v Adelaide

By Damien Little

Five Words For Round 8: Carlton v Adelaide

Belabor [bih-LEY-ber] verb: To beat vigorously; ply with heavy blows.

Gelatinous [juh-lat-n-uhs] adjective: having the nature of or resembling jelly, especially in consistency; jellylike.

Vainglory [veyn-glawr-ee] noun: empty pomp or show.

Obtuse [uhb-toos] adjective: not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect.

Melancholy [mel-uhn-kol-ee] noun: a gloomy state of mind, especially when habitual or prolonged; depression.



  1. F*ck you Carlton… this is about family now!

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    If we start getting comments from Stuart Little I am really going to start to worry. A talking/writing mouse is as unbelievable as a 2012 Carlton premiership.

  3. Hi Andrew

    Just when you thought one crazed Little was another – another pops up. I can understand your concern. But don’t worry, if the Blues keep playing like this, we will soon give up venting our anger in public.

    DJ Litsa

  4. … I won’t.

  5. I see there is as much synergy in our comments as there is between the Carlton midfield.

  6. HaHA! Great work Damien.

  7. Rick Kane says

    Verisimilitude: appearing to be real

  8. Craig and Damien – I’ve been speaking to your Uncle Jimmy on his Royal Telephone to see if we can get you some divine assistance. He says Pastor Doug is prepared to let bygones be bygones, and give the Blues a second chance after you turned him away the first time. There are no Royboys for him any more and you need his midfield speed with Murphy out.
    Little Richard (Pratt) will be going Tutti Frutti over displays like that. Lucky there’s no relegation like the EPL or you would be joining Bolton and Wolves in the Little Leagues. For calming music try Norah Jones and her Little Willies.
    Best to keep these things inside the family.

  9. Andrew Starkie says

    you reckon you’ve got problems.

  10. Rick Kane says

    Following PB excellent observations and advice can I posit the following?

    You only have to add a couple more to your mob and you’ll be the Seven Little Australians.

    Also, I would have thought Little Feat would be the more appropriate band to sooth the nerves, with songs such as Willin and Feat Don’t Fail Me Now.

    Cheers from cheeky

  11. Ha ha

    Suffer in your jocks Carlton. So glad all your millions won’t buy you a premiership

  12. Andrew Starkie says

    I suspect a distinct lack of sympathy for the old dark navy blues.

    Can’t understand why

  13. I think 16 premierships will do that………………..

  14. I preferred 2002, 05 and 06 myself.

  15. Obtuse, isn’t it not to disimilar to a person who is blunt, verging on the rude ?


  16. Have you people learned nothing from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’? Your hatred only makes us grow stronger.

    Rick, Peter B, I once fronted an awful, awful (truly, awful) cover band called The Craig Little River Band. It could be considered egotistical… but not if you heard us play.

  17. Andrew Starkie says

    Welcome aboard the Almanac, Damien.

    You’re right 16 flags are a factor, but it may also have a bit to do with tanking, criminal elements, dirty money, and my personal favourite, Big Jack trying to take over North in order to get his hands on the King.

    ’99 was a good year for payback.

  18. Good to see that this is only a friendly game.

  19. Andrew

    We didn’t care about ’99 (which should hurt you more). Our job was done a week earlier.

    Re dirty money, given the joy the club gave those of my generation in 79, 81, 82, 87 and 95, the end(s) well and truly justified the means.

  20. Hi Andrew

    Hope you are enjoying fatherhood! A big congratulations on that! Can’t agree with you more, particularly in regards to the hostile takeover attempt. But for all the other stuff – after 375 games with Craig Bradley and 738 goals to Sticks I can’t help but enjoy the benefits of “buying” these great players. Imagine if we had of landed Platten and Motley was not involved in his tragic accident.

  21. Litza – sometime in the late 70’s I saw Little River Band in concert with Split Enz as the opening act (the original lineup with Tim Finn and Noel Crombie). It was one of those concerts where the headliner was good, but completely upstaged by the newcomer (they must hate that).
    After the concert, Glen Shorrock was in the bar wearing a T Shirt that said “Riddled Liver Band”. Sounds like the sort of outfit you fronted, Craig. LRB went up in my estimation no end.
    Can I suggest “Hang on, Help is on its way”??

  22. Peter-B, I remember the story of Split Enz supporting AC/DC and being pelted by metal ashtrays with sharp corners.

    Wish I’d have known about that T-shirt earlier… good name for a band in its own right.

    And Damien… why are you semi-apologising for the take-over attempt. The only mistake with that is that we didn’t pull it off. Dick Pratt would’ve got the job done.


    S (make a stab with this letter) (IDE, HITS, ILVERSPOONERS, QUEALERS, NOBS – there are plenty of options!

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