VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v PEGS: We had the close one

There are many things that annoy me and two of them were on display yesterday.

The first occurred on the way to the Brunswick Street Oval (BSO for those in the know) as I was entering the Eastern Freeway. The stream of traffic trying to get on at Tram Road came down the entry ramp and accelerated, as usual, to about ninety km/h. Then, as usual, all the idiot drivers started to look in their rear vision mirrors to see how they were going to merge with the traffic already on the freeway. This resulted in the idiots all taking their feet off the accelerator and slowing to about seventy km/h.  This is quite a dangerous because the freeway traffic is now traveling 30 km/h faster than the merging vehicles.

It seems to me that the only sensible thing to do when enter the freeway is to plant the right foot to get up to the same speed as the freeway traffic.

The only reason that they have those traffic lights that allow only two cars to enter the freeway is that people refuse to use the slightest bit of intelligence. It’s not that difficult people.

The other annoyance, the football annoyance, comes later.

What a beautiful day it was yesterday, making me somewhat sad that I am off next week to Northern Italy, Vis (an island in the Adriatic), Croatia, Bosnia, Athens and Greece, Turkey, Gallipoli and Troy. I refuse to drive in Europe so the above idiocy will not annoy me, but I am trying to think of a way to correct the infuriating error that our players constantly exhibit. Alas traffic lights and two cars at a time won’t solve this problem. 

The game opened at break neck speed, with goals galore. Pegs, who beat us out at their oval earlier in the season, kicked some wonderful long goals, keeping themselves in the game. We were three goals up at quarter time and had enjoyed all of the play. 

I reckon Bernie Wright wouldn’t slow down stupidly when merging with freeway traffic: he showed the necessary hunger when kicking a goal in the first quarter.

What annoys me is the reluctance of our players to have a shot when within kicking distance. It seems to me that we have rovers who aren’t hungry enough and forwards who are too inclusive, caring and sharing. Socialistic forward lines don’t work. We need avaricious, greedy capitalism to get the economy, oops, I mean the forward line working properly.

I have to single out someone here. In the second quarter with game tightening up, Matty K took a mark within range of goal and then attempted to centre it to someone – I couldn’t see who. The point is that Matty is a wonderful kick, and over the years I have written several times about Matty kicking long crunch-time goals. I trust him from fifty metres more than most of our players from thirty.

Matty was not the only culprit, of course, but we need more Bernie Wright-like behaviour. When I sponsored Won’t He Fenton, I used to fine him 20 bucks every time he didn’t shoot for goal and it certainly straightened him up. He kicked a lot of goals that year.

The second and third quarters were a struggle, low scoring as Pegs started to dominate play but our defence absorbed the pressure. A couple of times I noticed our players putting their arms out for the ball rather than putting their bodies over it. We went into three quarter time nine points down.

We dominated general play in the last quarter but found it hard to score. A few shots hit the post and we only took the lead when a Pegs defender, in a ridiculous burst of optimism, decided to take on Fitzroy tacklers Rory and Bakes. He managed to get past Rory but with Bakes lining up next it was a case of: ‘Baaallllll, yeahhhhhh!’. 

Bakes knows how to enter a freeway, so he calmly went back and put us in front. There were a few scares late in the quarter but we hung on for a tough win which is exactly what you want with finals coming up.

The Tramconductors gave out their rewards after the game and I will put up the video on the Facebook site. Have a look.

I will be somewhere north of Darwin when the seniors run out next week but hopefully I can get the scores on the net.

See you all next year in B Grade.


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