VAFA – Fitzroy v Ajax: All Hail the Universal Forceps

People want to know the answer. For example, patients come into my surgery with a problem and they ask, “How this can be fixed, Phil?” They want to know the options, the costs and what is my recommendation.


My phone gave up last week, again. They had replaced the software on the bloody thing several times but it continued to freeze up all the time. So before I departed for the BSO I walked into the Shoppingtown Telstra shop and bought the top of the range Apple phone. I can afford it. Unfortunately the attractive young lass spoke a different language to me and had no understanding of what I wanted to know on several issues, or more probably, was answering my questions in a way that was completely unintelligible to a bloke of my vintage. She could not answer my questions.


If you are reading this you want to ask how, and why, we beat AJAX a team we have struggled to match for years. Well I have the answer to why we finally beat AJAX. I have the answer to the match at the BSO. Now my Lord, the most excellent King George, will probably talk about Corbs being our dominate forward. He will mention Liga knifing his way through the AJAX back line. Aiden ‘Get Out of My Way’ Lambo will be mentioned I am sure, and while the above mentioned players will be the players getting the umpire’s votes, they aren’t the reason we won.


Why did we win? This is the question that I need to answer to. I will tell you the answer. It has the names listed below:

1.     Mitch Bottomley

2.     Aiden Burke

3.     Ted Clayton

4.     Eddie Harley

5.     Jacob Long

6.     Nino Lazzaro

7.     One more I have forgotten.


What do these blokes have in common apart from the fact they could be playing in the Under Nineteens? On Saturday they all stood up. All of them have looked the part so far this season. That’s all you can ask for from these young blokes.


Why could we play Lambo, our best player in the forward pocket, in the last part of the last quarter? He wasn’t needed up the field as the young brigade (and Dalts, who had a terrific game) were holding their own. Why was Jules, a former centre half forward, playing on a wing? He wasn’t needed elsewhere as the young blokes stood up all over the ground. These senior players, Lambo and Jules, were terrorising the fringe AJAX players while the Under Nineteen Brigade were manning the ramparts. They were the heavy lifters.


They can only get better


I have a nick name for young Ted Clayton. He is now called the Lower Universal Forceps. These are a forceps that can remove any tooth in the mouth. All the other forceps are designed to remove specific teeth. Ted has played all over the ground so far this season but I am uncertain of how he would go in the ruck!!!


Oh, we won by three goals. 



  1. Steve Hodder says

    I just loved the way they were able to come back, after giving up a decent lead, literally ran over the top of them. Very satisfying. BSO at its autumnal best too.


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