Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Update

Patches Stitch Up Comp 1, Most of Comp 2 and the Competition Organiser


I’m writing this report from 7ES at the Epworth, Richmond whereat around midnight Monday I had life saving surgery to remove a gall bladder described as black, septic and not particularly attractive !


For Pies supporters this could be a good omen. In 2002 the Epworth repossessed my prostate and the Pies made the GF – narrowly beaten by the Brians. In 2010 the Epworth presented me with a beautiful set of By-pass grafts and again the Pies made the GF and defeated the Saints in a replay. So 2015 ….. ?


Alex Pattison who got knocked out in the second comp last year when he went for the Swannies has scooped the pool in Comp 1 this year taking out the full $2100 prize by selecting Melbourne to defeat Geelong as his certainty ! Brilliant. And he is still in the second comp having also selected the Patches in that one.



Update :


Comp 1

Prize Money $2100

R11 Eliminations 5

Remaining Tipster 1    Alex Pattison (more detail next week)


Comp 2

Prize Money $1200

R11 Eliminations 80

Remaining Tipsters 34


In R12 you cannot select Gold Coast (v Carlton); Adelaide (v Brisbane); Carlton (v Gold Coast)


Peter Hille

Competition Organiser

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