Fitzroy Reds: What’s the score at Marcellin?

Margins, margins, margins; that was the topic that was on all lips out at the Brunswick Street Oval today. What’s the score at Marcellin; what’s the score at Marcellin; what’s the score at Marcellin; was the question posed ad nauseum.

Now as a dentist I know something about margins. The margins of my crowns (these are the ones the patients haven’t paid for yet) are perfect. There are some more important margins, “margins of error” or” margins of safety”. I “whack” in implants but I am a “girly man” and refuse to place any implant that could get within two millimetres of any important anatomical structure. I have a two millimetre safety margin. I refer any implant placement that has any element of risk and today we watched a game that that was devoid of risk.

What’s the score at Marcellin? Sorry, I cannot stop saying this. Control yourself derrinalphil.

No one knew our margin of safety at the footy today as we needed to know how Marcellin were doing at home to Banyule. It was quite simple, we needed to beat the bottom by a lot or at least more than Marcellin’s winning margin (given Marcellin did not lose).

What’s the score at Marcellin?

We had 111 at our lunch today. Imagine that, what a club we have become. Just think how many we could get if the food was edible. The lunches are worth going to. The food is terrible, the wine inoffensive, the guest speakers entertaining and the company marvellous. Ross Campbell, of 3AW fame, an old team mate, was the guest speaker.

What’s the score at Marcellin?

Leo Dynes was on my table. Leo was a player from the eighties and helped Tim Bell when we first had an Under Nineteen Team. He is one of the many people who have helped the club prosper and it was good to share some time with him. Pat was back doing the goal umpiring in the seniors. Pat has been unwell this year, suffering a lung complaint and being a victim of a serious assault. He and Bob (the other goal umpire) were in rare form. Forget about waving the flags after a goal. These blokes caress the breeze after the all clear. Pat is a special person to us all down at the club and everyone was pleased to see him back in the white coat.

The actual match was simply boring. The game had no element of contest or drama. We knew we were going to win but by how much?

What’s the score at Marcellin?

The quarter time scores were 4.9 to 2.0. It was frustrating as everyone was missing easy goals and “What’s the score at Marcellin?” was the question on everyone’s lips.

What’s the score at Marcellin?

The rest of the match, especially the second half was a better game for the faithful. We scored without any real opposition. I was quite impressed with one of the Rovers players, Leigh Fletcher, who deservedly led his team off the field. He never gave up and Pickers was forced to give him a heavy tag late in the game. “Fletch” played his heart out and I wish him and his team all the best of next year. Our young Parko, leader of the ‘porcupine’, was named as a defender in the C grade team of the year. Luke A. and Josh were also named. But isn’t it great to see another one of our young blokes, out of the under nineteens, being recognised as an elite player in C grade amateurs. In previous years Clarky, Tommie, Rory have been named.

Rovers will be in D 1 grade and we will be in????? Its got so bad at Rovers that their after season trip has been cancelled.

This is a hard game to write about so I won’t. Let’s think about having three teams in second semis. I have already cancelled work for the next three Saturday mornings. Get your toothaches during the week because on Saturday I am suiting up, and, going to the footy.

Speckie played in the Twos and said he pulled up well. It will be interesting to see if he gets a game. Pickers did not play so Master Derrinalphil (Pete) is thinking of wearing number 65 (Matty K’s number) rather than the 85 of our Picker’s for the rest of the season.

What’s the score at Marcellin?

Go the Redders.


  1. Phil, I noticed the cricket score. Conditions must have been as perfect as they were at Geelong. Thanks for the update. Any chance of a final being hosted at BSO?

  2. John,
    The Ammos only hold finals at venues where they can charge punters to enter said venue.

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