Fitzroy goes down to Parkdale.

We had a lunch before Saturday’s match to highlight the history project that the club is undertaking. Peter Hille and Arthur Wilson spoke about the Fitzroy and University Reds history that is being collected and preserved. On Sunday I went into Docklands for a Brisbane Fitzroy Historical Society function. If our football team doesn’t get a few players back and start playing with some of the resolve we showed early in the season, we will be history ourselves.
We play Parkdale for the Norm Johnston Cup. There were quite a few ex-players at our lunch including Kevin Murray. Norm was described by Billy Stevens as being someone who makes Brendan Fevola look like a saint.
It was a beautiful day down at the Brunswick Street Oval, oops, sorry the W T Peterson Community Oval. The sun was shining and the hill was packed with supporters and the simply curious. There were lots of people who came down to the ground to watch a game of footy in the sun. Joe and Wally were doing the right thing, having a beer or two (I know we are a club that promotes safe drinking) and soaking up some Vitamin D promoting sunshine. Anthony brought Cathy along to stand up behind the goals with the “Tram Conductors.”

This concept of looking at something got me thinking about the week past. During the week I caught the staff looking up a book on the net that is described as “mummy porn.” This book was reviewed by a journalist in the Australian Newspaper who was making a case that the book showed that feminists….blah blah. I have to confess that I am a fan of a certain sort of pornography; literary pornography. This week I started to read yet another biography of Winston Churchill.

A biography of Churchill is always worth a read as on every page there will be a quote from the great man: “we will fight them on……. last a thousand years, this was their greatest hour” Like pornography, we know how a biography of Churchill it is going to turn out, I mean, the bloke is dead but there is always something to read and appreciate at on every page. I have read this book twice already this week but I certainly won’t be watching any replays from our last two games.

What has gone wrong? Pickers, Speckie, Cuzzie, Max Ellis are big holes in our side and Two Dads suspension really hurts. Once again, our forward line was embarrassing inept, being physically not up to the challenge. I noticed in the third quarter all our forward line players were considerably smaller than their opponents. Peter Clark pointed out that small forwards should not be asked to lead out for the ball but should be feeding into the contest. He has a point and summarises our structural problems simply.

Our kicking for goal was very poor in the first half with Ablett being the worst offender but during the last two weeks we have only had one thought: kick it to Ablett. What about Ross Borland to full forward? What about Jimmy O going forward? Does anyone remember the mark and goal he kicked in the dying seconds against Parkdale two seasons ago to win us the game? I noticed a big bloke in the twos taking a mark or two.

Apart from Ablett the only forward who played well was Matt Kyroussis, who was decked off the ball in the first quarter and responded the proper way. Matt ignored the cheap shot, hunted the ball, hit the packs hard, dropped a difficult mark or two but he was the only other forward who seemed to want the ball.

Michael Lee played a serviceable game down back.

We play Marcellin next week, out on their dung hill. Team selection will be scrutinized. We cannot go in with a side that is half the size of the other side. Given the selected sides in the last two weeks I think the results have been as predictable as a porno movie.

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