Fishing at Woodside surf beach.

Saturday was a nice day; no wind, nothing, so when I got up  I decided to go fishing by myself. So off I went with blue bait and I took my two fishing rods as well.

When I got there I said to myself,” I won’t catch a fish, no way, but I will give it a shot.” I then put some blue bait on my new hooks and went down to the water to cast my rods. When I went in the water it was cold and I wanted to get out, but I needed to cast over the waves.

Later on as I was getting a couple of bites I said to myself, “no, that’s not bites, that’s just waves.” Twenty minutes later I was winding a rod in when I saw flashes in the water. “Yes, I’ve caught something!” Then as I got closer I discovered  it was a salmon. I’ll keep it and just use it for bait.

Later on I saw  fishermen coming down to the beach, so I said to  myself, “I’d better catch a big fish because I’m running out of bait, and I don’t know how to cut that  salmon up for bait.”

A short time later a strong side wash came in, my left line was over my right line. On my left rod I thought I was getting some bites. Thirty minutes later I said to myself, “I better wind up that rod.”

So as I was winding my rod in, I said to myself, “no, that’s not a fish,” then bang; “now that’s a fish.” My rod was not tight enough so I tightened it up, and it was a salmon 49cm long. When I caught that fish I was shocked by how I got it.

Thanks for reading my fishing report.

By Charlie Dillow

About Charlie Dillow

I am twelve and I am in year Six at Woodside Primary School. My Dad and l love the Sydney Swans and try to watch every game.


  1. Steve Hodder says

    a 49 cm salmon? That’s bigger than the Tailor I caught on Friday, but not as big as the flattie I caught Grand Final Day. Ask Col if he will record it in his game species book.

    You’re writing has improved heaps! This was a great piece to read.



  2. Cat from the Country says

    Ah one that did not get away!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Aidan Hammond says

    Nice fish!
    Never gone fishing but 49 cm is a big fish.
    Did you eat it later?

  4. Charlie Dillow says

    Yes I did eat it.
    With my neighbours that night and it tasted great.

  5. Charlie Dillow, you are a fishing lgend. Actually, let me re-phrase that: you’re just a legend.

    We love getting your stories.

    Keep us up to date with any catches, especially 49cm ones.

    Cheer! Cheer!

  6. Lisa Beck says

    Wow Charlie! That was not only a great fishing result but a really good story you wrote ! Look forward to hearing more , especially if it’s more big fish

  7. jan courtin says

    Hi Charlie
    From one Swannie to another Swannie: Loved your story, but I don’t like hearing about fish being trapped, caught, killed and eaten. Sorry sorry!

    Keep writing and cheering on our great team!

  8. Bronwyn Lynch says

    Well done Charlie, I really enjoyed your story. Keep writing and keep up the good work with your fishing. What a wonderful hobby to do in your spare time. You have one of the most beautiful backyards to play in, the Woodside Beach.

  9. Louis Hodder says

    Well done CHARLIE that was a very very good story.

  10. Lily Hodder says

    Nice one Charlie keep writing and fishing. Say hi to every one down there for me.
    :) Lily

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