There is nothing better than being in the right place at the right time and so it was for me today.

Just before play as I wandered around the ground I stumbled across Fiona Copeland who was anxiously waiting for her son’s first appearance at the bowling crease for Australia. She introduced herself and we got talking about the feelings of parents and in my case grandparents as one of their progeny make it in the big time. We are both sports fanatics and hit it off straight away.

She was like a hot potato and just could not wait for Trent to bowl his first ball.  “They will go after him big time “ she said.   Her knowledge of the game is second to none given that husband Steve and other son Ryan are also heavily involved in the game.

“Come on Copes” she yelled just as Trent was measuring out his run up. He looks up and gives a wave that acknowledging but also has the feeling of “quiet Mum”.

His first ball is full of length and is dealt with in appropriate fashion by Dilshan .  His off drive is as good as you would see. Four runs.

“I told you so, they will go for him’ she said in a hushed voice fearing for her oldest son as if he was going to war.

Second ball a bit short of a length  Dilshan cuts Ponting dives, catches, out!  Fiona is uncontainable, tears start to flow and she hugs me like some long lost friend.  “He’s done it” she cried.

“Quick give me your camera” I said.  One of the best shots I have ever taken.  Here is a parent whose son has made the big time, a wicket second ball. Her face in the shot is one so packed with emotion, love and jubilation that words could really not express it.

I hug her and I reminisce when my grandson kicked a goal with his first kick in AFL.  It is a feeling we can only share with other blood relatives.  We are joined now.

Husband Steve and other son Ryan arrive on the scene.  Steve looks like he has been through the mill and Ryan looks like Christmas has come early to the Copelands. More hugs all round. The family knows what it is like to have been a part of their son’s first wicket in big time

‘Even if he only takes on wicket in test cricket. It’s been worth it” says  Dad

After the jubilation both on and off the field Trent walks back to his mark.

“Come on Copes” says Mum still in seventh heaven. Trent gives a shy wave, a day’s work has just begun..

About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Good get Bob.

    I’m in the Galle Cricket Club Pavilion (upstairs).

    Great get re Trent’s mum.


  2. Classic Bob.

    Any sign of play today?

  3. Pamela Sherpa says

    What wonderful luck Bob. You’ll never forget that moment .

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