Finals Week 3 – Adelaide v Geelong: Crows Overcome Adversity

ADELAIDE       6.3       11.7     14.10   21.10 (136)

GEELONG        1.2       5.8       8.11     10.15 (75)


 Cameron 5, Jenkins 4, Walker 2, Betts 2, Lynch 2, Seedsman 2, Jacobs, Otten, M.Crouch, Knight
Geelong: Dangerfield 2, Cockatoo, Duncan, Selwood, Lang, Hawkins, Motlop, Henderson, Menegola


Adelaide: Cameron, Laird, B Crouch, Talia, M Crouch, Lynch, Seedsman, Betts, MacKay, Jacobs, Brown
Geelong: Motlop , J Selwood, Taylor, Dangerfield, Mackie


Adelaide: Nil
Geelong: S.Selwood (hamstring), Lonergan (corked quad), J.Selwood (groin)


Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rosebury, Stevic, Schmitt

Official crowd: 53,817 at Adelaide Oval


Greetings. During the week the pessimist in me had the loss of Smith and McGovern as massive. Re the Cats overall recent record against the Crows: is Dangerfield unstoppable etc? While the more rational side was that the Crows bat deeper than any other side in the competition with their defensive structures the equal of Richmond and offensively clearly the best in the game and in what has been a disappointing finals series overall I thought the Crows performance against GWS had clearly been the best performance re standard and overall performance. The pessimist in me re tipping won out. (Well played Ben Woodroofe, you called the 10 goal win before the game at the pub.)


Has any club anywhere in any sport stood up to so much adversity and setbacks over a period of time?


Hey, with the weather didn’t the Adelaide FC make Nostradamus pale into insignificance with deciding to go to the Gold Coast and train during the break between the qualifying final and last night. You can bet other clubs will follow suit in the future!


Points from the game:
1.  Charlie Cameron take a bow. Not often a player has claims re goal and mark of the night and best on ground honors in a final! When Charlie’s game performance had slipped a few weeks ago it is understood that Charlie was assured of his spot with defensive goals and parameters set in place and that offensively it would come Charlie delivered in spades last night! (Very good coaching as well)
2.  Sir Edward Betts yet again stood up in a big game. A telling stat last night was that Betts had the most repetitive sprints of any player on the ground. It is his defensive pressure and ability to get a hand in to a contest and contribute to a goal with a knock on etc combined with his unselfishness makes him the complete package and the best small forward in the history of the game. He is one virtuoso performance away from joining Darren Jarman as the greatest Crows recruit of all time (Raj, yes with claims to being the Muhammad Ali)
3. Daniel Talia was the old time brutal headmaster who brought back the cane. He pulled down Tom Hawkins pants and gave him a right royal spanking (congrats to Tom winning the Troy Chaplin worst on ground award –  there you are regulars, got it in early this week)
4.  The Crouch brothers Brad and Matt continued on their merry way. They have both stepped up over the whole year and dismissed the concerns over the midfield. No one can question the organic growth comment now. Matt is such a accumulator of touches while Brad’s body is now letting him deliver on a consistent basis. They also seem to have the Krakouer brothers’ ability to constantly know where each other is and find each other.
5.  The connector tickets please. Tom Lynch was up and about early when the game was up for grabs. He really is unique with his ability to link up with the midfield. His gut running is just so vital. He has turned the position in to his own blueprint. His work rate is phenomenal and take a bow the recruiting panel re turning not just Lynch but so many trades and low draft choices into diamonds.
6.  Paul Seedsman who realistically kept his spot due to the terrible knee injury that Brodie Smith suffered stood up and contributed in a big game. I admit I have my doubts re Seedsman putting his body on the line at times but he was good last night and highlighted the vitally needed depth.
7. Rory Laird in his 100th game delivered yet again he is just so consistent finally receiving an all-Australian gong this season (a farce he missed out in 2016). There were concerns about missing his defensive sidekick in Smith – that the Cats would be able to put more work into Laird – those concerns were dismissed as quickly as Ian Chappell dispatched a bouncer in his prime (there you are Luke).
8. Dmac continued on his merry way – to silence his critics with his ball use and decision making a highlight. (I am sure though there will still be some morons calling for him to be dropped this week). The BP quiet achiever of the side Luke Brown who is just so remarkably consistent and miserly to any forward he stands was excellent yet again.
9.  Andy Otten returned to the side due to Mitch McGovern’s misfortune. While not doing a lot, his elite footy brain was still important at times if anyone deserves some luck it is Otten after having two knee reconstructions. The footy gods finally smiled on Otten!
10.  Text message of the night came from Dan Hansen calling on Mark Bickley to go out on to the ground at three quarter time to fart to get the Cats back in to the game. I immediately replied and Graham Cornes to deliver the three quarter time address  footy folklore has Mark Bickley delivering the killer blow in the 93 Prelim which stopped the Crows momentum!)
11. For the Cats Steven Motlop has played his best two games for the club in several years during this finals series. We will have to wait to see if that has changed the trade position or merely forced his value higher.
12. Joel Selwood is such a warrior and the consummate professional playing with an injury which would force the majority of players to miss he stood up on the big occasion yet again.
13.  Patrick Dangerfield as always showed his class after the game going up to so many Crows players individually and wishing them well. The majority of supporters have no idea how much contact Danger still has with the current playing group and his second quarter helped get the Cats get back in the game, while a mountain was made out of a molehill re the booing Danger received coming off the ground after the collision with Rory Sloane. Personally I detest the Dangerflog and other garbage from Crows supporters. Have the utmost admiration for him and just wish he was still wearing the Crows jumper (I couldn’t believe how many idiots were calling on Sloane to be suspended it was just a clash between two totally committed warriors at the ball pure and simple. Play on the correct call)
14.  Congratulations to Tom Lonergan and Andrew Mackie on fine careers. Lonergan is guts personified after losing a kidney. He has just been such a warrior and fine performer while Mackie has just mopped up down the back for 280 games with fine skills. The ex-Glenelg and Sacred Heart player has shown fine foot skills in particular over a distinguished career.
So the Crows are off to the big dance for the 1st time in 19 years where they will start favorite. Hopefully the state’s expectations will not weigh them down. I am supremely confident that we will get wit in 119 points (had to get one Port Pirie Power sledge in).
Read more coverage of the Adelaide v Geelong game HERE.


  1. We finally did it Rulebook.
    2012 is behind me.

  2. As someone who has been a critic of Cameron’s kicking, his disposal last night was beyond redemption. Laird was also magnificent as a creative defender.

    Top job, ‘Book. This is going to be a fun week.

  3. You forgot Sauce Jacobs, giving his players first use of the ball. The new rule regarding dropping the knees, leading with the head, obviously doesn’t include the selwoods. Sick to death of the way they look for free kicks and when they don’t get them, Joel constantly argues with the umpire. Booing danger is all part of the theatre of football, obviously we are the ONLY supporters who do it. Geelong were never going to win, as they play as a team of two, whereas Crows play as a team of 22. Sloane first game in 24 days = No Problem, Tex and Thor first game in 45 days = No Problem, Crows 2 games in 4 weeks = No Problem. Hartigan unsung hero in defence. The unselfishness of every player is first class. Brad Crouch getting consistent games is the X factor and the telepathy between the brothers, brilliant. The only hard, hard choice will be if Shooter is fit, bring in or stay unchanged, whatever they decide will only be for the good of the team. GO CROWS

  4. Let everyone know what you’re tips are this week Book so we can bet the total opposite
    Go Crows!!!

  5. george smith says

    It looks like the Moggies’ golden era is finally over. Bit sad really, after 46 years of sheer frustration with some of the most talented individuals on the planet – Marshall, Ablett Senior, Lindner. So here’s to the out of towners, the seachangers, the Peter from Peterborough lot, the thermos and sandwiches in the grandstand at Kardinia Park. Well done for the 3 premierships anyway.

    As for the mighty Crows, it assures us that the city of Melbourne. will be jumping come Friday.

  6. Oldlorrie, AKA Supercoach of the AUFC SCUM says

    Been missing for a while Rulebook but the occassion certaily warrants my return!
    Cameron was very important, shades of McLoed with his attaack and run from behind the square and suddenly found a way to hit a target and the goals!
    The back six were very solid and clearly won their battle over their opping players which enabled them to continue to have the confidence to attack from deep in defence. Tala really is a great general back there controlling the defensive part of the game. Seedsman and Axe were a great foil for Lynch in linking up through from defence and attack.
    The remaining teams would have to be very concerned about the Crows forward line, who do they try and stop? One has a quiet night and 2 others step up. This week Cameron and Betts were the stars and the others provided substance and strength.
    As much as it pains me to say so as i have been a critic of mackay and Douglas for a couple of years but there importance to the side at the moment cant be underestimated. Finally found that they need to put their body on the line like everyone else!
    Finally, Sauce. what can you say about this man montain. Does it week in week out for basically the whole game and with the unfortunate and sad loss of his brother recently and having the strength mentally to continue on says alot about the quality of this amazing man.
    Will i be at the GF? With a bit of luck Nathan will come through tomorrow. will find out at Super Sunday at the Adelaide Uni day and after at the Havvy for the SCUM B&F count..

  7. Hey, Book, I thought you said it was a 60:40 game. You’re either a worrywart or you were foxing The Bagmen. Either way, justice was not only done, but seen to be done. The Duckweed Bros got their unfair share of the raised elbow frees, and Dangerman sprayed a few, to the delight of The Rabid Adelaide Mob, but the scoreboard told the full story. Beautiful to watch.

    I’m with you Smithie; The Handbags, were loaded with dead cats. The outcome surprized no one. Chasing GAJ may be symptomatic of their throughout patterns under the current regime.

  8. Finally! watched an entire game played by the Crows. Great effort. Thought that if the Crows kicked the first 3 goals of the game, they would romp it in. Thanks to Dangerfield, the great player that he is, missed a set shot at goal early in the game; a costly, costly miss. For mine, Laird led the team in that first quarter; a couple of desperate acts in that quarter by Laird set the tone. Charlie Cameron a very close second best.

  9. Could only watch the last 10 minutes as I did in ’97 & ’98, yes I’m a little superstitious with footy. Eddie and Tex showed how special this win was with their emotion in their interviews post match. One more win, go Crows!

  10. Good summary Book. Can’t agree re Selwood – any more ducking and he will sprout feathers. Umpiring as usual was sub standard – will be interesting to see if any of those maggots make the GF. As for the game, probably one of the best TEAM games I have seen for many years (Blacks excepted!). Currently working out how to get to Melbourne as the airlines are charging International fares at present as usual.
    GO CROWS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Onya ‘Book.

    The contrast between the Adelaide get-in-and-get-its and the Geelong stand-back-and-waits was reflected in the score.

    Beware the radar in Beaufort, Crowies. Let me know if the Keith Bakery is up to its usual standard.

  12. Yep at three quarter time Geelong only had two hopes.

    1. Mark Bickley to invade the three quarter time huddle and let loose a rectal raspberry.
    2. Don Pyke gets locked out of the coaches box by Graham Cornes.

    Neither happened and the rest is history.

    The Crows should easily beat either Richmond or GWS.

  13. Great summary again mate. Terrific team performance. Rumour has it Greg Anderson was to blame for the 93 fart as he insisted the team use a protein supplement that didn’t sit well in the lower intestine of many in the group.

    I think perceived pressure was huge last night. Betts led from the front there. Tex was also underrated as he so often sets up goals with his vision (EF 2015 vs Bulldogs and the link up with Lynch in the 1st last night case in point).

    I am a superstitious man and I have watched both finals at the front bar of The Palace Hotel in Broken Hill. Never seen them lose a game from that vantage point so I may have to forego the traditional GF bbq at my mates house. The sacrifices we make for our team!

  14. YES, C. Cameron & Co. provided the highlights, Crouch brothers, Lynch & Laird manned the engine room. It has been said before that in a big Prelim or Grand Final it is often a club’s “bottom 6 players” who will decide the game. It was true for Adelaide last night. We KNOW what we will get from Crouches, Sloane, Eddie, Sauce etc. BUT the efforts of Mackay, Hartigan, Greenwood, Knight etc guaranteed a more complete performance, turning a 4 or 5 goal comfortable win into a 10 goal hammering. This “even-ness” will see Adelaide holding the Premiership Cup more than anything else. Remember the St. Kilda of 1997, where their “lesser” players froze on the big stage & cost them the game, while unknowns like Shane Ellen & a 19 year-old Simon Goodwin helped carry Adelaide to famous victory. (although i guess D. Jarman & A. McLeod also had a tiny bit of influence….)
    SO…. bring on the Big Dance & we can rest assured that whoever the Crows play, a complete team performance will result. This is the culture that Don Pyke & his men have developed, learning from errors made last year & even early this season. Yeah, yeah, bring it on.

  15. You’ve gotta feel for Lingy, tried vainly to spin a Geelong victory……commentators were having a hard time generally at half time…..hopefully GWS win through and the Victorians will be suitably chastened.

  16. Bryan Haines says

    Fantastic victory. All excellent points Book. Spot on except for one. Selwood is a courageous, quality footballer but at the moment he is a blight on the game. His technique of ducking and lifting his arms in the tackle is embarrassing. And the fact that the umpires pay him free kicks is equally so. Furthermore, he gets holding the ball free kicks but when he gets tackled it’s never called. He clearly influences the umpires on the ground. It should be stopped.

  17. Great report mate.

    I was more than a littler worried I c an tell you mate but gee that 1st quarter made me think we`d win. They went mad! Congrats to them all now on with the GF.

  18. Grand stuff Book. All of us old Croweaters come out of the cupboard now. Enjoy the week. You have done a grand job all year as Pykey’s right hand man (you and the Eagles taught him all he knows). Sort out the Redlegs for me next year.

  19. Selwood is a great and courageous player, but I find his bending of the knees frustrating. The reason “too high” is a free in most sports is to mitigate the risk of serious injury. In failing to wipe out this blight on the game we are inadvertently encouraging such behaviour. I am concerned about the risk of neck injuries or sequelae of concussion should we not stamp such tactics out. Of course if the trend towards unscrupulous litigation continues, could the AFL find concussion law suits on its’ hands? Yes, that is extreme and unreasonable, but further reason to optimise officiating

  20. Good write up RB.
    What an incredible performance by the Crows.
    Love the Otten story (contract extension announced today)but I fear he may miss out should Shooter get up.
    Let’s hope next weeks account of the GF is written from a winners perspective.

  21. good comments Malcolm….Sloane was superb for us last night , his attack on the ball was scary and the bump on his old mate changed the course of the game back our way i thought. Danger was threatening single handedly to tear us apart in the second quarter and we didn’t have an answer on how to stop him, or so it seemed. Then along came Rory and took him on in a front on in a tackling clash, perfectly fair, although he did seem to have that split second to raise his arm to defend himself whereas Danger both arms down never knew what hit him…my point is that Danger had only 9 touches after that clash and missed a goal he never would have done normally..i would not be surprised if he played on with some concussion….good stuff by all our lesser lights who played their roles superbly, especially Kelly and Brown. Hartigan gave me a few scares with some of his disposals but overall it was a fantastic team effort.

  22. Cameron Glenn says

    The Crows were outstanding and clearly wanted it. Hope they win the grand final next Saturday.

  23. Troy McKinnon says

    What is most impressive from the crows, and this has been all season…is the synergy.
    The connection between the defenders, mids and forwards…both ways, is impressive.
    The overlap and the threading of defence to attack or when the ball turns over, how the mids and forwards fold back, is at a level not subscribed to by other teams.
    It seems the crows year, based on the synergy and the heightened sense of responsibility that each player seems to be playing with. When you have lesser lights like Charlie Cameron and Paul Seedsman playing out of their skins, in the spotlight, it’s almost seems like destiny that the result will go to plan.
    The tigers have a few tricks, the main one being work ethic in full frontal defence. The other is Dusty. He’s unique and will need bluntening.
    One last comment…the crows coach; organised, poised, authoritative. I suspect his no nonesense and avuncular approach is the glue of this team.

  24. Barb Jamieson says

    Hi Malcolm
    Although I have been missing from your list for awhile , I’ve been able to see every game , one way or another , but sadly, I won’t be making the Grand Final while Garry’s recovery in Sydney continues
    There’s not a lot that I can say that you haven’t already said, last night was the Outcome that’s been in the making since the day Phil walked into our club , and what a masterpiece Don has gone on to complete .
    A team of contributors , and not too many other sides can say they have such a great balance , the difference between our best players to the bottom ranked player is the tightest in the competition .
    Eddie Betts , without a doubt the best small forward ever, and last night saw the real Charlie Cameron , the player I’ve always liked , really show us what he’s capable of doing .
    I don’t pick the best players with ease, it’s a bit hard for me when I see the whole team as contributors, so respect your choices as the stand outs , but just love the way our mid field , which we weren’t supposed to have , have tied most other midfields in knots , and used Tommy Lynch so well .
    I am so glad that Adelaide have a great recruiting team , and that they refuse to have an open cheque book for one or two players , we have to forever look forward , and tying up the salary cap will not be smart when it’s time for some of our boys to put pen to paper again
    Like you , I don’t like or agree with the behaviour or immaturity displayed in regard to Dangerfield , he played by the rules when he left , and it’s way past time to let it go
    Looking forward to next week , I truly think we have the Tigers measure , but whatever the outcome , we have no reason to hang our head . I only wish I’d bought my Crows shirt to Sydney , and would have if we hadn’t had to keep luggage to a minimum , but I suspect I may be stoned to death here now after both Sydney sides bombing out

  25. Where is your credibility when you tip the cats?

  26. Mark Duffett says

    Nice work Rulebook, covered just about everything I saw. Hope Dustin Martin winning the Brownlow distracts the hell out of the Tigers.

  27. Brilliant. Was worth watching for the Slone/Danger clash alone! You must be over the moon at the moment Rulebook!

  28. Crikey, I didn’t know so many people lived in Adelaide. Who’s got the pub over there now?

    Let me pick you up on a couple of things though. The Crows will easily beat GWS, but you won’t be playing them next Saturday. Or The Handbags for that matter. And we’ll see your Eddie Betts and raise you a Daniel Rioli.

    And Swish is right, the copper in Beaufort is dynamite, His daughter married a Croweater & the kids turned out feral. The don’t call him Jumbo because he weighs 22 stone.

  29. Congrats ‘Book. Your Nervous Nellie impersonation of last week was unnecessary. The Crows had this one right from the start. But take Richmond lightly at your peril.

    Enjoy the week.

  30. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Thanks for the insights Book! Totally agree with your points made and particularly enjoyed another edition of the Eddy and Charlie show. Can’t wait for the Grand Final

  31. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Thanks again for your insights Book! Loved your round up and to be honest I was having my doubts about Adelaide stepping up to Geelong too. Totally agree with all of your insights, particularly loved the Eddy and Charlie show. Will be interesting to see how Crows perform in Melbourne in the Grand Final. Can’t wait for this Saturday.

  32. Martin Rumsby says

    It was great to dispose of the preliminary final hoodoo that has left Crows fans devastated over the past dozen or so years. This team looks as though it will deliver on its potential when it counts the most – Saturday will tell. Break out game by Charlie Cameron after a quiet few weeks and I think Tex will be better for the gallop on Friday. Well done to Chris Scott for his proactive comments at the post match media conference. Go Crows! (Will you be in Melbourne for the GF, Malcolm?)

  33. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Congratulations Book. I reckon your rants have helped get them over the line. Keep the bastards honest.
    Betts and Cameron a delight to watch. Good luck next week mate !!

  34. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Aidan I will never get over 2012 and the umpiring giants v tigers was similar.Mickey Cameron made a conscious effort to steady before kicking hooray,Laird is a gun.Sharon I thought it was getting to long but I should have given,Sauce a mention and no no and no re Selwood every tackle listed as questionable was the correct decision both,Sloane and Atkins did not get low enough( I find it hilarious re all the criticism of Joel in particular in that all the clubs use vision of him as a teaching tool to get low in the contest) as always love your passion.Paddles plenty of requests to tip the tigers.George not yet trade period for the Cats v v interesting and they have given you a hell of a lot of pleasure.Supercoach thank you love the enthusiasm and have a great day today.The Wrap always pessimistic and nervous before a game more realistic and analyse afterwards.Number 48 spot on a vital miss thank goodness,NEAGLE didn’t miss in 82 ( that’s Ian Days voice ).LL trust me I totally get that,Eddie especially after the game just brilliant.Droop umpiring in the finals series in general has been putrid the Selwood ones ironically few they got right( the out of bounds against,Otten unbelievable,Justin Schmidt had a shocker) thanks Swish the Keith v Port Elliott bakeries a cliffhanger finish.Danny the Cats should have paged,Bicks to report to the Crows huddle immediately and the irony of Pagey mentioning,Greg Anderson in the next comment
    ( Greg is Danny’s brother in law) 123 yep pressure and perceived pressure was vital and agree stick to the superstition. thanks folks I pad and email dramas are the reason for the late reply

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Tony while I do honestly think our bottom 6 are better than any one else’s pessimism is me until afterwards love your passion and yes again a v even performance.Dr Goatboat I actually didn’t think,Lingy was to bad certainly a mile better than,Eddie commentating the pies hasn’t been easy for the commentators overall in a pretty average finals series to try and make it sound like compelling watching.
    Bryan I no I am in the minority re Crows supporters but Selwood technique is superb ( he was crucified against the tigers) thanks Jill,PB I no I am in a minority but I would gladly swap and have the legs in the gf
    just for me it means that bit more.Andrew where people are getting mixed up is even with the new interpretation the onus is on the tackler to not go high having watched the controversial decisions again re Selwood they are correct,Sloane was guilty of being to enthusiastic it was a poor tackle and Atkins re Scott Selwood had similarities with Polec in that he was soft and didn’t get in close and hard to the body while there are sentiments in which you say are correct I admit the Selwood ducking crap is one of my footy pet hates.Chris thank you yep wrapped for Otten and he will play ( shattering for McGovern)
    Dave I have been stunned how many people have been calling for Sloane to get suspended just simply a footy collision between two champions leaving nothing in the tank,Cameron thank you and hope so.
    Troy v well put a considered and thoughtful analysis as I would expect from a gun recruiter.Barb what you are going thru is more important than footy thinking of you wishing you and Garry all the best big time ! Raj tipping irrelevant analyzing way more important.Mark hope so thank you.Matt not as pumped as I hoped disgusted with the umpiring in the GWS and Richmond game the giants were slaughtered
    I was with a fellow umpire yest morning and we were talking about how,Justin Schmidt would have been shattered having blown it and yet with fellow incompetence he was back in the frame by the end of last nights game how,Hayden Kennedy has kept his job has a lot in the umpiring world shaking there heads in disbelief.Go the Wrap how did you manage to get to umpire the game v the giants ? Thanks JB I will stick to the proven formula and tip the tigers.Thanks Ben yes Charlie and Eddy put on a clinic hopefully the Crows adapt to the g ! Martin Chris Scott’s press performance was full of class, hope so and unfortunately no will not be catching up with you at the game or in Ballarat thanks folks !

  36. Book – sorry to bang on but just watching Selwood again in the 2nd quarter where he ducks once on Sloane and immediately again on Lever and gets a free and goal from one of the tackles – complete b/s.
    Will be interesting to see how the Victorians favour Richmond in the Big One!!

  37. I think the distaste for Dangerfield was due to the media hype. It was that bad and repetitive that you would have thought he was the only player coming down to play against us. Unfortunately i think he has learnt from Selwood to play from frees. Let’s be fair he is no Tippett. He is better then that. He still has close friends within the crows including Sloane with the Alma. The tackle was good and solid from Sloane. When Dangerfield was on his back you could see his eyes dart around to see if he got a free. He saw he didn’t so he was up on his feet again. Loved what the review said about MY Tahlia. He is often overlooked for his solid defensive work in the back lines. Yet we have one of the best back lines in the AFL. You suggested I read it and I did !

  38. You might be surprized Droop; there’s a bit of hate mail going around about The Striped Marvels over here. Apparently, 37 years ago they flogged a team called Collingwood, and the year before that the wind blew KB’s combover across his eyes and he failed to notice a little old lady waiting to cross a busy street. They’ve never been forgiven for both instances.

  39. Malcolm..regarding Danger and our fans accusing him of staging for free kicks…I think its fair to say that it is not in his nature to do this and does not happen as often as some of his team mates ,selwoods, Hawkins and co. He played 7 to 8 yrs for us and was one of the hardest but fairest players in the comp, because that is our way , our culture is not to play for frees but to play the ball at all times. However he is now playing for Geelong and they dont play our way and i am sure Danger is instructed to milk a free whenever he can especially if he is in goal kicking range…Victorian clubs in general do this especially at home with some of the dodgy umpires…so i have indeed noticed this subtle change in Dangers game, but as he is playing for a different club now he has to respect what the coach and team want from him…but honestly our fans do go overboard with the personal abuse directed to him …just enjoy and respect his game as his good mate Rory opinions only.

  40. Crikey Dave, I hope Chris Scott doesn’t read that. But it’s an interesting point you make. Although you may find yourselves playing a different style of Victorian Club next Saturday. I just thought I’d let you know.

  41. Melina Mueller says

    What a game!!! As loud as the Tiger Army is, I reckon our crowd would’ve drowned even them out last night. My ears are still ringing, and I’m waiting for the return of my voice – not made much easier by barracking as loud & proud as I could today watching my son’s team win their third flag in a row! Mannum Roos U17.5s, undefeated since May 2015 – quick shameless plug, but I’m incredibly proud.

    My Crow boys .. I have waited and waited .. we have gotten so close, too many times. We have made sacrifice after sacrifice to the Footy Gods. And now we’ve made the big one. How bloody good is that??!!!! I can barely contain my excitement!!!!!

    I can’t pick any individual performance, there are far too many, the whole side just gelled so well.

    It didn’t hurt to watch Hawkins (easily the biggest flog in the league) pout his way off the Crowval. And Selwood have his normal tantrum. But as unpopular as I know my opinion will be with most, I believe young Patrick would’ve been watching the Crows celebrations with more than a tinge of pride. He knows more than any what our boys have been through, having travelled most of those hellish roads with them. And while he would’ve been feeling bitterly disappointed for himself, I just know that cheeky smart arse will be equally as proud of Tex and his band of men.

    Bring it on, Tigers, that flag is ours!!!!! We Fly As One!!!!!

  42. Love point 3.

  43. 26 weeks of a great season from the Crows in 2017.

    Now only the side wearing canary yellow stands between the Crows and the prize it so richly deserves!!

  44. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice Chappelli reference Rulebook!

    Have to pull you up on this quote though, “Has any club anywhere in any sport stood up to so much adversity and setbacks over a period of time?” You do remember Port Adelaide had the services of Troy Chaplin for 9 seasons and Richmond had him for 4? Yet both recovered to make the finals this year and in Richmond’s case the GF?

    Great work as always ‘book.

  45. I’d love to know what Troy Chaplin did over in Adelaide. Was it worse than Snowtown?

  46. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Droop v poor tackle by Sloane blatant free kick.JJ yes the media does go overboard re Danger and like,Dave below it is a element of Dangers game that has crept more and more in to his game and I to hate it he is way to good for that garbage ( Citus Bob your thoughts ) The Wrap amusing as always mind you the way,KB has carried on about the jumper clash has been absurd and pathetic.Dave as you no I detest the personal abuse re Danger.Melina as always love your passion go the Mannum under,17 teens and Danger has feelings towards the club and his close mates he is a class individual.thanks TC,Paul we wait and see thank you.Luke v well played,Wrap trust me I am not alone re Chaplin in the city of churches ! Thanks folks

  47. A man after my own heart Rulebook – where the footnotes (yes, I’m aware they’re points from the game) are longer than the body text. Great review.

  48. I’m aware of that, but what did he do that’s so horrendous? Except walk out of Alberton with his sports bag. Was there something in the sports bag we should be told about?

  49. Agree with your comments re Dangerfield. Everyone including Jenkins in the media have played it up but some of the booing is over the top. Will always be a 150 game player for the club.
    If the Crows can reproduce Friday night’s effort next week then a real chance but cannot under estimate the emotion of Richmond’s first GF since 1982. They were in front in the 1982 GF until that streaker famously ran across the ground wearing nothing but a Carlton scarf.

    Port losing by a point yesterday topped off the weekend.

  50. Love it OBP.
    What an enormous year it’s been.
    An enormous couple of years, really.
    Well played, as always.
    Enjoy your week.

  51. Top stuff as always – the pooping of pants has begun. Laird was almost perfect on Friday night. If they bring that performance on Saturday (maybe Walker could have a bigger influence) then they will create the opportunity to win. Richmond’s pressure play is really impressive but I have faith Pyke has a plan.

  52. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work Book, it is always pleasing to see players have breakout games in a big game, certainly the case for Cameron who showed the poise and finishing polish that he has lacked at times. I really enjoyed the team defence that the Crows displayed again, the number of players who put time into Selwood, J and Dangerfield was impressive. Special mention to Riley Knight he put a lot of physical work into Selwood.
    Regardless of whether the umpires are correct or not with the high free kicks to Selwood, the fact that he is perceived to be playing for free kicks will always be an unfortunate footnote to his career. The other question is, if Joel Selwood has the perfect technique to attract high contact frees, why aren’t all players adopting his technique? Players can adapt to changing interpretations during a season, so why haven’t they all changed?
    Hopefully that game made all Power supporters feel better, as Selwood got at least a handful of high frees that were similar to Shuey’s, so definitely must have been a legitimate free kick!!
    Lastly, Kudos to Marty Mattner and Sturt, a team well coached and players all sticking to the game plan got the job done.

  53. Quote of the night was Bruce “Selwood can hold his head high”. At this point of his career, he’s physically incapable of doing so.

    Hartigan has been the break out player of this finals series for me. He was terrific against GWS and buttered up beautifully against the Cats. It was lovely to see Charlie Cameron enjoying his footy for the first time in a long while, and Seedsman is well on the way to claiming the James Thiessen cup for fringe player who has a surpisingly good finals campaign.

  54. Absolutely massive performance from the Crows, bring on the final now!

  55. RB – outstanding report. The Crows were just too good, and as you put it, batted too deep for the Cats. I can cop being beaten by a better side, and Geelong certainly was. Hawkins was terrible wasn’t he? Not sure why he insists on NOT throwing his weight around. He tries hard, but doesn’t play with any nous.

    Tex Walker is the problem for Adelaide. His barrel chest and hard tackles on small defenders don’t hide the fact that he just doesn’t do enough. A bit like Tommy Hawkins? Beat him early and his done? If the Crows get 40 points up against the Tigers he’ll kick 2 or 3 from outside 50, but when the whips are cracking, I reckon he’s a good chance to be missing.

  56. Getting sick of all this “adversity” bullshit.
    Maybe the Cows are just a good team.
    MRP changed it’s stance because it’s a GF.
    Crap and weak.
    If Danger goes for a perfect tackle so does flog Sloane and his fellow flog Cotchin. Danger only had 9 in second half thanks to flogboy’s high elbow. But not why we lost. Simply outplayed.
    Felt dirty barracking for Sturt last week but no problem getting on the “Yellow and Black” train this week.
    I despise this corporation for it’s treatment of the SANFL.
    I suppose Nigel Smart and his customers are happy though.

  57. Jeff Milton your full of crap
    The blues were in front when the streaker went on the ground
    Don’t lie when people actually know the facts

  58. couldn’t do it for the big one!

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