Finals Week 2 – Thoughts from Fearless

I sit here relieved that Boomer Harvey has been cleared to play. Somewhere along the way the fans see the game as do the media in a manner different to the officials. The literal interpretation of the rulebook vs the practical application. A clash of heads and bang – the sight of blood. Ooooh! We can’t have that. Before I get feedback, Boomer deserved three weeks for the clash with Bulldog Liam Picken, but along with Fremantle’s Nathan Fyfe, can feel aggrieved that a clash of heads is now a reportable offence.

Has someone forgotten that it’s a contact sport? This stuff happens all the time. That Fyfe will miss the Brownlow is going to be due to his second suspension but the first suspension was a joke. It’s different if it’s a premeditated headbutt – that deserves a penalty, but an accidental clash of heads? Much has been made of the fact that Boomer jumped. Truth is if he didn’t jump, Boomer’s so small he would’ve been reported for headbutting Selwood in the nuts. So common sense seems to have prevailed.

Whereas it was lacking is with Ross Lyon’s comments re Mitch Clark. Ross intimated that Mitch was enticed by Freo to be a Docker but refused and became a Demon.  And then Lyon’s mocking and abject lack of grace towards a known depression sufferer was staggering. Coupled with his comments that men win finals, men put their heads over the ball, men win contests. Gee really…What year are we living in? I have great respect for Ross as a coach and what he’s achieved but I think Ross dropped the ball twice this week.

As for Mitch Clark, it’d be great to see him back paying footy, having overcome the depths of the illness. Personally I think he owes the Demons another shot but if he doesn’t choose along those lines, then the Demons deserve to be fairly compensated. It may be deemed that he needs to change his workplace. I’m sure those advising Mitch and the AFL will work towards that goal, especially if the Demons lose James Frawley to free agency.

Cheers PT

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