Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: The biggest wake ever!



by Murray Walding


I’ve just had a week tinged with sadness at the passing of Ron Watson of a cousin of mine, although the large families on my mother’s side of the family has meant that he was more like an uncle. Ron, or Potsy as he was known to all, passed away at the age of 89. He played for the Tigers reserves side in the late forties. One of his brothers also played with the Tigers, and another- cruelled by injury at a young age, went on to coach the Richmond thirds. Their grandfather (and mine) – Joe Watson played for the Tigers as did his three brothers and one of them, Tom, captained the Tigers, but sadly he turned to the dark side and later played with Carlton, then after a return to the Tigers’ den also played with Melbourne. Most of this information was clarified in recent weeks by Rhett Bartlett.


Joe Watson was a true Tiger stalwart and has his ashes scattered across the Punt Road oval. It’s also said that his ashes were placed in the boots of Tigers players before they ran out for their next home game. So as you can guess, the Tigers have a deep emotional link with my family, so at the same time as Rhett was helping with some more info concerning the Watsons link to the Tigers, came the news of the passing of my cousin.


Ron’s funeral was held last Friday afternoon. Everyone was to wear yellow and black and even those not belonging to the faith wore Richmond colours, if only in a small way. There was to be no organised wake either…and why not, you might wonder? Well, it was simple. We were all going to the ‘G to watch the Tigers take on the Cats, and that sums up the depth of feeling for the Tigers in my family.


So there really wasn’t any way the Cats would take out the game because in a way the Tigers played that game with an extra man-  my cousin Potsy, in the middle of the packs ferreting for the ball and dishing it out.


Geelong never stood a chance.



  1. Lovely, Murray, lovely.

  2. Peter warrington says

    ah, vale Potsy. GO TIGES!

    in a much lesser way my family are linked to the Port Kembla Blacks (3? 4? Warringtons in their first premiership. my uncle Col a superstar either side of the War etc).

    it gives me great pride despite me having never lived in Port and the League talent not extending down my dad’s branch.

  3. May he be with us on the next two Saturdays

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