Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: Hope (from Balcony Banter)


Peter Fitzpatrick was at the game on Friday night.


He wrote this classy piece for the MCC’s Balcony Banter. You’d expect that from Peter – have a look at his little bio.|2017&category=




  1. Nice piece. Just enough subtle barbs to detect Geelong’s pain and how it will be stored for future reference, but also an empathetic tone about the lot of the long-term supporter of any club and the significance that games like this have for them.

    In the whirlwind of the game itself, I’d forgotten the bell rung by Brad Ottens. Perhaps a case of:
    “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

  2. Thanks Peter. Hoping we can count you among our recent recruits. Really enjoyed your piece.

  3. Excellent yarn. Not surprisingly, given Peter’s bio, it is extremely well told.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The standard has been set with this one Peter, thanks. We’ve all had to deal with the opposition supporter across the aisle. You can learn a lot about yourself in those situations.

  5. Grand match report, but it was the synthesis at the end about “supporters earning the right” that really captivated me. My first Almanac article I mentioned the Avenging Eagle’s early riposte “you follow the football, I follow the Eagles.” In a meandering year like this, I wonder “why bother with a team, just take in the spectacle.” Then I’m screaming and we’re hugging like the last 2 games, and I somehow feel like sitting through the crap means “I earned the right”.
    Batshit crazy logic but…….
    Never met “that supporter”. I am “that supporter”. Went to a Dockers game as a neutral once just to stick it up ’em.
    Batshit crazy logic but……….

  6. Great article, thanks. Although, as someone who used to live in Geelong and went through the dark days, then picked up the Suns when I moved north, I did feel compelled to respond to this:

    “So I know how a run of outs can seem like a life sentence, and I can feel a sense of kinship with the supporters of the Dogs last year, or the Tigers this year, or (maybe) the Saints and Demons next year. It’s probably a good thing, in terms of ethical behaviour as well as social cohesion, which supporters of franchise teams may never know”

    Trust me, I know! Twice!

  7. Peter Warrington says

    PB some of our best work was cheering for interstate teams against the Swans at the SCG in 93, the days of a free ticket with your Whopper. Adelaide the Sts the Bears, we cheered them all.

  8. Joe De Petro says

    Great work, Peter, a delight to read.

    Your conclusion resonated with me as well. It is one thing to be a rusted on supporter of a club, enjoying the good times and, by definition, enduring the more plentiful downs. It is quite another to be a bandwagoner. I have no respect for loud bandwagoners, regardless of which club they support.

    Friday night was a release for many rusted on long-term Tigers. If we keep winning, it will only get worse before it gets better.

    And that is how it should be.

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