Round 14 Review: Pavlich the great… but Iceland might steal the show by Fearless

Hi all, I hope you are all well in life in work and in footy,


What can be said about Matthew Pavlich that hasn’t been said already? He wasn’t a Premiership Captain…maybe that’s so and that is probably unfair, even if it’s true. The bottom line is that Fremantle’s greatest player has been an extraordinary role-model for all his players and an exemplary performer on and off the ground as an AFL player. 347 games (currently) for a Western Australian based player is extraordinary given the flight times and indeed time spent in the air as well as the fatigue and physical ramifications associated with long haul flights. Consider this, the next best was ex-Eagle Dean Cox with 290 games.


Pavlich has been an All Australian six times and a Doig Medallist (Freo’s best and fairest 6 times also). Eight times leading Freo goalkicker and captain from 2007 to 2015. Critics will say what they like, but that is a formidable career and he could play anywhere on the ground…fortunately Sandilands was in the ruck.


Well played Sir.


As a visitor to Iceland some 24 years ago, I never thought they’d be making world news for sporting feats but I was wrong. More likely for erupting volcanoes and shifting tectonic plates… however a 2-1 win at Euro 2016 over England has created a furore in Britain that really should’ve been foreseen given that Iceland had apparently won the their last 6 meetings! Gotta love a team with a coach called Lars Lagerback, who works as a part time dentist. A remarkable effort for a country with a population (@300000) the the size of England’s 11th largest town (Leicester!) A great, clean and picturesque country Iceland was and good for camping, it was apparently the creator of a smartphone app to help people identify whether they are sleeping with a relative! As the Icelandic football team carries all before it, that’s two Brexits now. Does it happen in threes? The world waits and watches with interest…


Cheers PT


  1. Rulebook says

    Fearless well played no doubt what so ever if Pavlich had played for a vic based side he would have had far more publicity and be held in higher esteem ( geez I wish he was a crow) the Poms haven’t had a great week( the Iceland commentator makes,Bruce when he is calling,Cyril look like,Marcel Marceau )

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