FEARLESS (Round 13) – BYE WK 3…Did channel 10 have to move Before The Game? Saturday nights will not be the same…what a stupid stupid decision!

The marketing genius of the Buddy Ball (aka BB23) is now out there in the shops and on the tv. When my wife returned home with one for our eldest boy I thought “oh great, you’ll be kicking 4.13 before you know it!” I know Buddy Franklin kicked 13.4 in Tassie recently and is a great player. I was “privileged?” enough to watch all 13…

The ball itself is a footy complete with instructions on where to place your hands to do a left or right snap, left or right torpedo, drop punt or left or right banana. Amazing stuff but really it’s just another football that comes with an instruction dvd. Good one marketers – you have managed to repackage a “soft-ish” ball that kids can kick inside the house without hopefully causing too much damage to furniture, flyscreens and younger siblings. They also learn about the wonderful quirks the football can produce when you place your hands in certain positions. Our roadtesting session of BB23 took place last Wednesday amid heavy winds at the local park and it still did ok.

The next edition of BB23 could include the following….:

–  the left and right Wormburner…worms be afraid…be very afraid…

–  the left and right Beckwith…kicking to touch, along the boundary line,

–  the left and right Catoggio, running along the boundary line and kick it out on the full, plus  a full set of haircare products to perfect the lygon street affro

–  the left and right capper – complete with pump to pad out the brain and the shorts

My conclusion…yes it is just another ball and it’s a good one…but wait there’s more…just don’t hold out for the steak knives…

ROUND 13 – Bye week 3

BYE: Gold Coast, Carlton, Hathorn, Port Adelaide, Richmond, St.Kilda

Friday night footy has had some great games recently. Sydney v Geelong was no exception. Bloods Culture took on the Reigning Premiers in a match destined to be a nailbiter as these two seem to produce regularly. Swans got off to a flyer and seemed in control before the Cats took the lead late. BOS* Everitt proved the boss, kicking the sealer – cue Otto the Autopilot from Flying High! (BOS* = Brother of Spida.)

The FFC** cup took place at Etihad on Saturday arvo. Footscray hosted Fitzroy /Brisbane wearing an historic FFC maroon & navy jumper. The Old RoyBoys saw Big Sauce Merrett kicking goals and the Lions crushing the lacklustre Bulldogs by 58pts. How can a side have 51% of time in the forward 50 and still lose by 10 goals?

**Apologies to Fremantle, now the only FFC in the AFL!

To say that Collingwood and West Coast played off in the Grand Final preview on Saturday twilight at the G is not an understatement. The Eagles might not have got the big scalp they wanted at the G, but be of no doubt, West Coast is a bona fide premiership contender. Twin tattooed Da(y)nes led the Pie surge to claim the 3pt win.

Essendon smashed a couple of hoodoos on Saturday night by beating Fremantle in Perth. A win in June and a win in Perth achieved, probably the biggest relief though came in Michael Hurley’s 6 goals. The Bombers also saw David Hille return to form. The Dockers grassed an opportunity to move closer to the top 8. Is Don good by 25pts.

The Skullduggery Cup was at the G on Sunday when Tom Scully and his GWS teammates took on Melbourne. Some words not normally heard in the MCG members were accompanied by boos every time Scully went near the ball. The skull of Mitch Clark got a Demon knee after he’d kicked 4. The Demons cruised to a 78pt win.

Monday’s Adelaide Advertiser carries the sports headline “What the?” – a clear indication that the Crows had come unstuck…and they had, whilst eyeing off top spot on the ladder. North played like the team that undid Geelong in round 3. Daniel Wells led the charge with Patch Adams and Robbie Tarrant kicked 4. Kangaroos by 32pts.



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