Fearless on Round 1: Sliding rule silly and frivolous

In the AFL we watch/absorb changes and wonder if it’s really necessary. I’m thinking of the Lenny Hayes tackle on Saturday when he was penalised for doing what he does best – getting the ball – while some poor Gold Coast sod (not Gary Yabbletttt! Jnr) got in the way just behind Hayes and stood there. Yes the fool, he stood there, so he gets the free. Duty of care introduced onto the field, courtesy of Adrian Andersen and KB (& his Rules of Gibberish Committee) have designed it this way.

The incoming Mark Evans (AA’s replacement) will have his work cut out for him, trying to manouevre on this front because aim of game is simple – get ball, score or give to teammate to score.

Duty of care has his merits on the footy field (eg king hits/unsportsmanlike conduct) – BUT to use this rationale to prevent players from getting the ball as they would naturally seems silly and frivolous. Any AFL player acknowledges the risk of injury when playing. Where does the duty of care need to be tempered by commonsense? Similarly Formula 1 drivers acknowledge the risk of their sport. Yet you don’t see Bernie Egostone racing to put speed humps on the tracks? Over to you Mr Evans…

 Round 1 – Week 1

From a new home at Tulla, the Bombers flew to Adelaide’s AAMI Stadium. Keen to put the summer’s ill winds behind them, El Jobe led his charges to an impressive win. A Kurt-less Crows’ soft underbelly was exposed via tackles and pressure acts. Hirdy channels Bill Murray in Ghostbusters: We Came, We Saw, We Kicked their Asses!

The Freo-WCE derby was supposed to be a GF preview. Whilst nothing gets spared in these games, the Eagles 9pt ½ time advantage got lost in a Purple Haze after the main break. Not even SuperPav’s report could quell Freo’s spirit. Barlow and Mundy sharing the Glendinning Medal for BOG indicated a win from out of the midfield.

Round 1 – Week 2

The unofficial start to the AFL season in Melbourne, the Blues-Tigers game on the Thursday of Easter, became something of a nailbiter. Richmond had stormed to a 7-goal lead and looked to smash the Blue hoodoo. Carlton slowly reeled them in, only to fall 5pts short. Nerves, skill errors, adrenalin – welcome back to coaching Micky M.


The Cruel Sea sang “The Honeymoon Is Over” and so it was for a wayward Brisbane against the Underdoggies. Goodes (24stats), Stevens (17) and Lower (13) and Lion Moloney (23) good cases for recruitment of seasoned AFL players. Morris’ return from 550+ days out with a leg inspired the Bulldogs to win big by 68pts. Higgins 3.3


The hackneyed cliché of the Battle of the Bridge took place at ANZ stadium as the two Sydney teams squared off. The Swans have been vocal about the cliché and how it disrespects their Sydney journey. It didn’t deter them from winning, although the 5- goal margin showed the Giants might be better. Patton kicked 3 for GWS, Jack 3 also.


The Saints’ visit to Club Metricon and Runners wore bright orange – major clash! The Suns started well and all looked like Bluey McKenna’s plan was coming together well. Then the Saints went up a cog with a 19pt lead at the half. Enter G Ablett Jnr showing the way with 3 of 7 last qtr goals. Sunnyboys home by 13pts. Ablett 34 stats.


The Melbourne faithful turned up to the MCG to watch a Powerful display and they got it. Unfortunately it was from the away team as Country Ken’s first game in charge of Port would’ve delighted the visitors as much as Jay Schulz’ speccy. When Jack Viney is your best player on debut..well..Port by 79pts and sitting on top of the ladder.


The Shinboners became the butchers at twilight on Sunday. Against an understrength Collingwood team, the Roos got a lesson in spirit from Pendles, Swanny and Travis ably assisted by poor disposal from the Roos. The Pies gutsed it out and withstood a comeback to win by 16pts.The Thomas-Reid headclash is now chooklotto at AFLHQ.


Kennett’s curse gets revisited every time the Hawks have played the Cats since the 2008 Grand Final. And so it remains after the Hawks led by 20pts at the main break, only to succumb to a 2nd half Selwood-inspired onslaught by the Cats that netted 8 goals to 4. Hawk forwards cursed the sloppy delivery into the 50m arc! Cats by 7pts.


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