Fearless: Footy always gives us something to think about

Hi all, hope you’re all well. We have just past the penultimate round of the AFL season. The finals are now (pretty?) set…the realms of mathematics might keep fans guessing but it’s not reality to suggest sides might win by 200+ points!


Good to see Adam Saad and Bachar Houli go to the toin coss with their captains…Muslims are part of life, and why wouldn’t they be, and  that includes footy.


Bad to see Ben Cousins in strife again.


Now objectively…just the stats as per some AFL and AFLW players height and weight. The question to ultimately be answered is will Hannah Mouncey, a transgender potential recruit into the AFLW, be allowed to play in season 2019. I don’t know who makes the final ruling. The AFL, the AFLW, the AFLW players…I don’t know. This is purely a comparison..facts c/- wikipedia


Hannah Mouncey is a 190cm (6’3”) and 100kg potential recruit.

Sabrina Frederick Traub 6’0 (182cm) Brisbane AFLW key forward
Emma King 6’1” (186cm) North Melb/Collingwood ruck
Erin Phillips 173cm (5’7”) 75kg Adelaide key fwd
Sarah Perkins 95kg 5’8” (173cm) Adelaide key fwd
Katie Brennan 175cm Western Bulldogs captain and key forward
Isabel Huntington 175cm Western Bulldogs recruit and potential key forward
Emma Kearney 165cm (5’8”) 65kg Western Bulldogs/North Melbourne midfielder
Alicia Eva 163cm (5’4”) 65kg Collingwood/GWS midfielder
Kaitlyn Ashmore 173cm (5’8”) 70kg Brisbane/North Melbourne midfielder/forward
Ebony Marinoff 65kg 169cm (5’7”) Adelaide midfielder


and then by way of comparison with the AFL players old and new:

the big:
Aaron Sandilands 211cm (6’11”) 119kg

Shane Mumford 199cm 6’6” 108kg

the small:
Caleb Daniel 168cm (5’6”) 71kg
Boomer Harvey 172cm (5’8”) 85kg. 427 games record holder.

The question ultimately asked will be: is Hannah allowed to play? How much emphasis is put on the height/weight differential? You be the judge.


Cheers PT

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