FEARLESS 2021 – Round 20: The rest of ‘bitsa’ Rd 19…3 from here and 6 from there = 9 games!


Hi all, consider this as we go live: 5000 new cases in Tokyo and we are watching the Olympics live from there as we speak. The world has sought solace and relief from Covid and all its bureaucratic-enforced regulations and shutdowns. The right time and the right place? Absolutely. Consider that my son recently debated whether or not the Olympics should be cancelled as part of a grade 6 debating unit. He mounted a solid case with his team that it should be cancelled, and many Japanese agreed with that sentiment. Without knowing exact numbers, I would say most Japanese weren’t in favour of the Olympics going ahead. Now as we reach the end, can we imagine the collective doom and gloom had it actually not gone ahead. Sport has a funny way of distracting people and taking people’s mindsets away from what’s happening in their daily lives. The Olympics has helped in no small measure. We become armchair experts in sports that we had barely seen before. We become knowledgeable in sports that were questioned as to their inclusion in the Olympics…BMX, skateboarding, mountain climbing…? Who cares now? Watch and enjoy whatever gets served up on the television because all the athletes are trying their best. If that qualifies for a medal then great, if it doesn’t, well at least you’ve hopefully done your best.


The closing ceremony approaches, and we return to the normalcy of the daily routine. Oh well, it was always going to happen. Thanks to the Olympics, people might have seen what is possible, what can be achieved and if nothing else have been distracted from the more depressing aspects of the current situation. I’d like to think we all can have our own version of Decathlete Cedric Dubler in our own headspace, pushing us to achieve our best on a daily basis.


Onwards and upwards.

Cheers PT


2021 FEARLESS Round 20: The rest of bitsa Rd 19…3 from here and 6 from there = 9 games!


Pilloried. From near and far. That was the footy world’s reaction to Carlton losing to North. The best response was the one that followed a fierce 4 quarter effort with unrelenting defence. The Saints couldn’t deal with it. The Saints had their woes in 2021 but this booted them out of the finals race. The Blues lost TDK. Enter Jack Silvagni, the Blues barometer, as 194cm ruck. 31pt win, Blues home!


Despite Adelaide’s good start in the game against the Ballarat Bulldogs, MARS Stadium effectively hosted a game (originally rd 19) that went as predicted. Slowly, but surely, the gulf in class between the two sides became apparent as the Dogs raced to a 49pt win. Josh Bruce is proving his worth up forward for the Dogs 2 taking tally to 45 for 2021. Ugle H and JJ also 2..Dogs top 4 ball winners.


Geelong came to play at Blundstone Arena in Hobart for the first time. If the Roos thought they were going to get an easy ride…err think again. The league’s best defence shut that down all day and stifled opportunities as expected. Tomahawk had limited impact until late due to Roo McKay. The Roos started well with 3.2 in the 1st but 3.4 for the rest indicative of the gap. Cats better by 20pts. Hall 36.


Collingwood took on the Eagles at the MCG on Saturday twilight and any questions about the Eagles fragility in 2021 were rudely exposed from the start, despite the significance of Bunga Hurn’s 300th game. Put simply, the Eagles were never in the hunt. When you only have 1.5 to the main break and trail by 50pts…The Eagles won the 2nd half by 5pts! For a side that wants to play finals..Hot Pies!


Super Sunday due to Queensland snap lockdown (due to outbreak of 6? Yes 6! Cases)…WTF?


Gold Coast playing Melbourne was originally Metricon then Marvel and originally was rd 19. Didn’t really matter as the Dees did as they pleased, even though Jack Viney paid the price! The Suns scored 0.1 in 2 qtrs, exposing the gap Coach Dew faces between the best and worst. The Dees won by 98pts with Brown and Jackson kicking 4 each and gaining some valuable %. It was a Dee-stroyification.


Speaking of sides that want to play finals, Brisbane played Hawthorn originally at the MCG then UTas originally rd 19. The Hawks had a week of angst due to the Bizarre Love Triangle of Kennett-Clarko-Mitchell. Best solution, let the footy talk and it did! At the last break, the Hawks were 53pts up. Lions in finals? No. Not even an 8 goal last qtr should suggest they’re there yet. Hawks by 12pts.


Essendon were due to play Sydney originally at Marvel then Metricon and finally landed at the MCG, which otherwise sat vacant! Indicative of recent games between these two clubs, it was a close one. Mills’ goal put the margin out to a game high 19pts at the 25min mark of the last qtr and the fat lady got on the podium. Bombers goals to 2m Peter and Smith delayed her song. Swans held on by 7pts!


Oddly, the Fremantle -Richmond game was always at Optus Stadium and stayed that way! Western calm amid the eastern seaboard chaos. Docker Taberner played his 100th game and kicked 3 to be the difference in a low scoring game. Andy Brayshaw on assist with 39stats and some game saving efforts deep in the last. 55-51, a Freo 4pt win. Do the Tigers want to even play finals? Or maybe Freo do?


Finalising the fixture rubik’s cube, GWS were due to host Port Adelaide originally at Manuka then Metricon then Marvel at the last minute. AFL saved by no fixtures in Melbourne. Whilst not conducive to GWS finals’ hopes, Port proved their desire to play finals and even get a top 4 berth. Big Charlie kicked 4 and Amon led stats. Hopper 29 before KO’d in dying minutes. GWS ok. Port 27pts.



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