FEARLESS 2021 – Post Olympics…the footy helps the time pass with lockdown drudgery, but racism is not acceptable.

Hi all, hope we’ve settled into yet another lockdown. And yet…if you’re not subject to it, please spare a thought! This tiresome exercise will continue until further notice.


Taylor Walker is in hot water. Racism is not pleasant to endure and the overwhelmingly genial Eddie Betts is lucky he hasn’t torn every last one of his hairs from his head.  Taylor’s got 6 weeks and Eddie has implored all Australians to come together to end racism in society. A noble gesture indeed. What I find interesting is that Taylor Walker has agreed to a 6 week suspension without anyone else knowing what was actually said.  I think we can only assume it was bad. Some say it’s too light a sentence. The perpetrator agreed 6 weeks was adequate and has sought help from the aggrieved in filming an apology to help end racism.


The problem that I have is that: does anyone know what was actually said? Court cases generally proceed with a basic understanding of what has happened. In this case, nothing. The whole outcome seems like the AFL has played judge, jury and executioner and with that you, the perpetator, will be sentenced accordingly whether you like it or not. The talking heads of the AFL media circus don’t seem to have asked anything. Or have I missed something? I’m not justifying Walker’s actions for one second, but surely the lack of transparency is alarming. Is it that bad that we’re not allowed to know?


We need to educate and enlighten. I don’t disagree for one second. Hopefully, the Indigenous Community can continue to feel vaguely confident that progress is being made, albeit at a slow rate. Nobody from a non-Indigenous background can tell them how to feel. Actions and reactions are intertwined. Similarly, for other ethnic groups on this topic, the right to feel is inherently belonging to the individual.


Transparency can assist in helping others raise the standards within which we’re all held to account. It’s not a case of working out what you can say or what you can’t say either.


Also, AS MUCH AS I HATE TO ADMIT IT… the AFL media did do its job and the Hawthorn coaching scenario has played out accordingly. Carlton and Collingwood are next I guess, although I personally think David Teague and Rob Harvey are doing ok. I maintain that the footy media is like a pack of vultures circling and mainly for scraps. For that reason alone, my year off footy media continues into 2022.


2021 FEARLESS Round 21: In the Olympic shadows, AFL in home straight. Finals…Anyone?


Injuries? Before and in game. To describe the significance of the GWS win at the Cattery and the physical impact of AFL, have a look at this one. A severely undermanned GWS strode onto GMHBA to not only take down the Cats at their fortress but also reveal a collective intestinal fortitude many didn’t think GWS possessed. Sam Taylor epitomised GWS, holding Tomahawk to 0. GWS by 19pts.


Back to pilloried, either Blues or Suns if they lost this game. Suns by 19pts showing greater spirit than a side that still had a chance to make finals in 2021. Mind you, the Suns were coming off a 98pt loss. A brutally soft underbelly was exposed at Carlton. Coach Teague maintains the faith but the players don’t deliver. Touk Miller led the way for the Suns. Jacob Townsend too. 1st game. 4th club. Blue day!


A game of two halves at the MCG on Saturday, North took control early, Tigers ran away with the game. Richmond by 33pts, dusting off the cobwebs and roaring back into finals contention. Cam Zurhaar 4 for the Roos but they ran out of puff as Tiger lesser lights such as Baker, Graham and Parker seized the day. LDU and Hall 38 each but possessions count for 0 sometimes. T Lynch MIA.


Showdown 50 and that includes postmatch punchons at the Ramsgate..and the Crows had Port’s measure, leading for 85% of the game. Just a shame that Port had it when it mattered, a win by 4pts. Allir played a blinder, winning the Showdown Medal (seriously can’t they give it a name like the Bogan Mullet Medal?). Intense 51:55 scoreline and it had it all and the AFL was yet again enthralled.


Yes. The Saints want to play finals.and they wanted to show it against the Swans. The Swans do too but just didn’t show it. Snags Higgins led the way with 4 goals, as did Captain Jack with 34. They led at every change. Simply put, the Swans weren’t good enough. Tough gig admittedly being the 2nd time at the same venue against Saints but Covid-fixturing is tough. Lloyd, Parker 30. Saints by 29pts.


Tassie was looking forward to hosting Collingwood for the first time. Covid scotched that! The Hawks took on the Pies at the MCG. Whilst finals weren’t an option, the kitchen utensil wasn’t wanted either. Clarko wanted his charges to see out the year in a positive manner and they did, winning by 19pts. Pies outscored Hawks after the half. Pie Ginneven 3, Hawk Kosi 3. Mitchell 44.


The Dogs and Dons both wanted to play finals. The Dogs no one questioned. The Dons emphatically stated it with a win over the ladder leaders by 13pts. 2m Peter kicked 7 and had a day out…Joe who? Talent has always been there. Arguably the Dogs had less to play for but it’s tight at the top too, so any misstep is costly. Redman’s tackle on the Bont good, not reportable! Don Draper’s best game!


Brisbane hit their straps again. Fremantle just got in the way. Optus Stadium not the Gabba but hey..the Lions were just on song. Not even losing the AFL’s version of Vyvyan from The Young Ones (Mitch Robinson) could stop their attack. Joe Daniher kicked 4 and despite great efforts from Serong and the evergreen Mundy, the Dockers couldn’t take a trick. McCarthy 3, Captain Zorko 34.


Lightning. Last quarter goes for an hour. Footy’s gone mad. No. The weather did in Perth. Prior to the lightning stoppage, Melbourne was cruising to a good win, leading by 34pts over a clumsy and dispirited Eagles. 29 minute break and bang, a solid Demons 3rd qtr almost was wiped as the Eagles side nearly played the last 16 minutes in a manner missing since the 2nd qtr. Demons by 9pts. BBB* 3.


*Big Ben Brown.



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  1. Football Analyst says

    Fearless, as much as I hate to admit it, Robert Harvey, one of St Kilda’s favourite sons, has BUCKLEY’S chance of being Collingwood’s senior coach in 2022, even if Collingwood win their last 2 home and away games convincingly.

  2. Football Analyst says

    Fearless, if Ross Lyon, a current favourite, coaches Carlton next year, will the St Kilda v Carlton match be known as the Ratten Lyon cup? It would absolutely break all supporters’ hearts if Ross Lyon coaches Carlton to their 17th flag after being so close to coaching St Kilda to a flag in 2009, including 19 wins in a row. Of course, Lyon also nearly coached St Kilda to a flag in the 2010 Drawn Grand Final. No other club has won 19 games in a row since 2009, although many other premierships have been decided since. I was barracking however for Lyon to coach Fremantle to its 1st flag, as I have a soft spot for all the interstate clubs.

    St Kilda hasn’t really been the same since Ross Lyon left, although they won a final under Brett Ratten last year and are only 2 points outside the top 8, after a terrible run of injuries throughout the year to their better players, for a long period of time, as well as a harder draw than most clubs, having finished 6th last year. Hoping that Brett Ratten can be the Messiah, and win the 2nd flag in St Kilda’s history.

    I know that players make coaches but I firmly believe that St Kilda has enough quality players to win a flag soon. That is my fearless prediction. I don’t care if I’m wrong, but hopefully I”ll be right. Only time will tell.

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