FEARLESS 2019, Round 13 – Behavioural Awareness Officers: what a load of BS…

Hi! Yep, it’s their fault. They are the ones responsible for this nonsense. If the entomologists hadn’t brought their love of maggots into the AFL arenas, then none of this stupidity with Behavioural Awareness Officers would ever have evolved. And as for the follicularly challenged…I mean you may be a flog or you may not be, but your apparent lack of hair shouldn’t be a defining feature….and yes, you can umpire, there’s no reason why you can’t if you know the rules and procedures that go with the job. It’s just that they get changed every year so, if you’re willing to tolerate that, go for it.


In Matthew Hardy’s excellent book of 80s footy nostalgia called Saturday Afternoon Fever, young Matt goes to Moorabbin regularly to watch the Saints. One day they are playing Melbourne and big Demon Steve “Strawbs” O’Dwyer (so named because of the mass of red hair) is resting at full forward when a wag yells out from behind the goals: “Hey Strawbs, Ronald McDonald called. He wants his hair back!”  Currently that would be interpreted as being worthy of being chucked out of the ground on the basis of being Rangaist.


Good thing the security guards are practising their umpiring skills too as witnessed at Blundstone Arena in Hobart on Sunday…get off the ground you twit!


BYES: Brisbane, Collingwood, Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, West Coast


Adelaide hosted Richmond on a return to Thursday night footy in SA. The Tigers went toe-to-toe for three quarters before the injury toll took its toll. Dusty skippered for the first time and big JJ dominated up forward for the Crows with 4. Eddie Betts still managed a goal that most others couldn’t get with 100 attempts, much to the shock of Sydney Stack. The Big Tex hitting form too with 3, as Crows by 33. Brad Crouch 43.


Anti-social footy returned to Friday night as Essendon hosted Hawthorn at Marvel. It was a line in the sand game, an 8pt game, as two evenly matched sides took the field. Hawks captain Stratton led the pinch and the stomp as Orazio’s arm bruised up well for the tv (evidence!) The Bombers blew the Hawks out to lead by 38pts before the Hawks managed a couple of late ones. Hawks looking for next Roughy, whilst old one in 2s.


AFL came to Townsville in FNQ as the Gold Coast competed with St.Kilda in the King Twins Cup at Riverway Stadium. Shame only Suns’ Ben King was playing. Gold Coast looked like it had learned the lessons of close losses for 3 quarters, leading all day when the Skunk-fired Saints hit the front. Membrey 3. Billings and Ross led the stats’ count, whilst Suns skipper Swallow tried to stem the charge, all to no avail. Saints just by 4pts.


Freo’s impressive start to the season continued as they hosted Port Grey Power at Optus Stadium in the Colonial Ports cup. For all players on the periphery, Michael Walters represents a symbol of what can happen if you listen and learn and apply. 25 stats and 6 goals proof now that Walters CAN win the game and play anywhere. Aided by Fyfe and Hogan (3 goals), Freo powered away from Port to win by 21pts..7 wins from 12.


Checkout heatmaps for Charlie Curnow: Rds 1-12 half back to the full forward square and in Rd 13 it was just within the forward 50 arc. Surprisingly (or not), Charlie kicked 7! Wow and David Teague was the forwards coach. Carlton nearly stole the game on Saturday night against the Western Bulldogs, but a 6pt margin became 34pts in the last qtr. Blues slammed home the last 5 goals to just miss out by 3pts. Dog Dunkley 41.


No security issues in Tassie with the security officer attempting to umpire…until the umpire told him to p…off! Maybe Jeff’s onto something! The clash was even at the half before the mango and charcoal machine got going – 7 goals to one and Leon’s Ferrari goes ok even in the Tassie winter. Giants home by 23pts. Roo midfielder Ben Cunnington got deBoered. Shame the Tassie crowd was under 8000, wasn’t a bad game.


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  1. ‘Rangaist’ – I love it! No doubt the BAO watchers could have had a feast at Kardinia Park over the years given that the Geelong Football Club has been Ranga Central for as long as I’ve followed the game (about 50 years).

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