Fearless 2018- Round 20: We’ve got the close one…no we’ve got it…nah..over here

Hi all, hope you are all well and healthy and enjoying life.


Hope Andrew Gaff learns a lot over his break. He did it. It’s obvious. He’s remorseful. He’s of good character and won’t do it again. END OF STORY.


Enough media and social media on the issue. You’d swear he was guilty of crimes similar to Charles Manson for all the media coverage and social media space devoted to the issue. Massive and unnecessary overreaction.


The AFL should outlaw all jumper punches and anything like a punch – long overdue. This will filter through the lower leagues slowly but surely and down to the junior leagues. Society can then take care of the coward/one punch perpetrators and give them the time to cool their heels as deemed fit.


Cheers PT.




Gazza’s kick sails through for a point. Tigers win by 3pts. The closest any team has got to the Tigers in an MCG game in a while. The secret to the Cat’s near-success: going up the corridor, not going round the boundary. Upside for both teams at a guess, but Cats coach close to suggesting if it bleeds we can kill it. 4 Cats’ players 30+, Jack R. 4.


Saturday afternoon continued the Hawks-Bombers rivalry at the G. Tom Mitchell continued his stellar year, this time matched by Zach Merrett both with 40+. Jack Gunston 5.3. Hawks hit Worpel-speed with 4 pt win, consigning the Bombers’ finals tilt to near-history. Baguley and Stringer 3 each but the Dons downed. Hawks go top 4.


Gabba bathed in 27degrees for the Lions-Roos clash. An 11 goal 1stqtr was an entertaining start, but the Ziebell-led Roos edged ahead until 3 qtr time by 11pts.  The last qtr shaped though as a battle of attrition. If you train in this climate, then surely it’s enough. A wayward Rayner shot on goal left the Roos in front by 3pts. Tough lesson.


That the Crows-Port clash ended in a farcical video review was a shame to the game that kept the whole crowd and the tv audience enthralled. Port coach Hinkley was right to slam the AFL but ultimately footage was inconclusive. There must be a better way to do this. Josh Jenkins, the goalkicker, even thought it hit the post. A mess, but fixable.


1918 South Melbourne Premiership v Collingwood was the inspiration behind Sydney’s snazzy red-sash jumper. Like that Sydney result of 100 years ago, the Swans got home by 2pts, albeit in thriller against Pies. Collingwood’s injury list swells again, whilst Buddy regains his touch with 6. Tom McCartin’s winning goal an amazing feat.




The best thing about the Saints on Saturday night was the way they started. The worst thing was the way they finished after half time. Having played the best, the worst and the most inform in the AFL, the Saints took on the least in form and played them into form. Dogs in the 3rdqtr, blasted to 35pt win Led by Bont, Dogs 2ndhalf: 9.7 to 2.10.


Greater Western Sydney played an intraclub game on Sunday at Etihad. A very compliant Carlton filled out the imbalance of the players. The A’s won by 105pts. The A’s also managed to play with 4 injuries, 2 season ending. Fi Fy Fo Fum, look out Bolton’s green shoots, Giants here they come. And squash them they did. Cameron 4.


Melbourne walked out onto the MCG, knowing well that their collective destiny was now in their own hands. Gold Coast strolled out onto the MCG to the tune of Ain’t No Sunshine. A chance of a top 4 finish lay within the Demons’ grasp and the chance to boost an already healthy %. They achieved both in a 96pt win. Alex Sexton 5, lone Sun.


A monumental Gaffe is what the Eagles-Freo derby will be remembered for last Sunday in Perth. Andrew Gaff POW hit Andrew Brayshaw flush on the jaw, breaking his jaw and a few teeth. The Eagles won convincingly by 58pts, but a moment of madness sent media/social media into overdrive. Eagle fwd 50 more productive. Darling, Cripps 4.


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