Fearless 2017 Round 19 – The one and only Vinny Catoggio Multicultural Round

The Beyond Blue Cup was between the Hawks and the Swans at the MCG on Friday Night. Designed to increase public awareness on depression, the Hawks served to bookend the Swans’ winning streak with another loss as per 8 weeks ago. With Rohan and Lloyd late outs and the skipper Kennedy limited by carrying a leg, it was the Mitchell-led Hawks that got home by 6pts. Swans rarely come off 2nd best.


North continued status as Hoodoo Gurus with a 17th straight win over Melbourne at Blundstone Arena on Saturday. Big Ben kicked 4 and Roos managed to defend into a solid southerly breeze in the last, despite the odds. Fortress Blundstone maybe, but Dees looked like they had it mastered, dominating possession count. Ziebell’s last qtr inspired, Roos by 4pts. Jesse Hogan’s annus horribilus continues.


GWS hosted Fremantle on Saturday arvo and as the game neared the end, it appeared that the Fyfedom had returned and Freo had restored direction to Ross’ reno. Nat Fyfe hasn’t yet hit the heights in 2017 but did against GWS. Kersten 3, his best as a Docker. GWS gun Cornholio returned with 27, imagine IF they had NO INJURIES! Dockers brave, but Giants fi-fy-fo fumbled a 12pt win.


Talk about 11 seconds that could ruin your finals hopes…how the Saints could let Robbie Gray goalside without any defensive pressure is a coach killer. Shades of Nick Davis in the SCG semi against the Cats in 2005! (Nick kicked 4 last qtr goals). Paddy Ryder delivered the silver service tap to Gray and bang there goes the Saints final 8 hopes. To say the Saints stuffed it well… inaccuracy didn’t help. Port 2pts.


The Jack-less Tigers went to Club Metricon to take on the Ablett-less and May-less Gold Coast. Both Suns leaders were late outs. Jack might need the pirate patch for the next game. Enter Dusty yet again with 34, matched by the oft-maligned Aaron Hall with 40 stepping into Gazza’s shoes. The Suns aren’t a bad side but the Tigers are finals-bound and it showed. Tigers by 33 with a spread of goalkickers.


Geelong played How to Host A Murder on Saturday Night against Bolton’s Baby Blues. The game played out to serve that Tom O’Hawk is BIT with 6 and 26 stats and that the young Blues are tiring. Scott Selwood held Gibbs well and the Cats pressed the Buzza yet again. There was also a certain ok tackle by Danger that might get some scrutiny due to Blues ruckman Kreuzer going out of the game.


The Bont-led Bullies found the mojo that had largely gone missing in 2017 in time to take on their geographical nemesis Essendon. Any Dogs fan says this is the one they want to win annually. Hawk-turned Eagle Sam Mitchell cited the pace of this game as one of his rationales for retirement. A reality check! Fantazia goal at 20m mark had Dons within a kick, then Dogs went bang to win by 5 goals.


McGovern! He marks, he kicks, he goals after the siren and Bucks’ is left scratching his head about the one that got away! Bucks’ Hot Pies had slipped out to a 50pt lead over the ladder leading Crows early in the 3rd qtr, courtesy of blinders from Wells and Adams, before the Crows kicked 7 to bridge the gap by the last change. Neck and neck in the last and then heroics of the aforementioned… and a draw.


Occasionally, in this topsy turvy year, a game is played where the tipsters know the outcome. And so it was with West Coast hosting the Brisbane Lions. Fresh from coughing up a win last week, the Eagles sought solace in pummelling the Lion Cubs by 68pts. Josh Kennedy kicked 6 at Domain on Sunday late. Principal Skinner 2 on debut, Skipper on High Beams with 41 but the Eagles… they’re flying high….


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