Fearless 2017 Round 16 – I’m in 4th (Saints), no I’m in 4th (Dees), No I’m in 4th (Port)

FEARLESS 2017 Round 16 – I’m in 4th (Saints), no I’m in 4th (Dees), NO I’M IN 4th (Port)


In keeping with Adelaide radio, it was Wet Wet Wet at the Adelaide Oval on Friday night as the Racing Cars (3 Rorys!) had their turn at dismembering the reigning premiers. It was not a tipsters nightmare, the 59 point Crows win proved the Bulldogs are struggling and Rory Sloane (24stats) prefers not to be tagged. What it disproved was the big men are susceptible in the wet. Tex 3, JJ 4 examples of that!


Sirengate revisited. No doubts about the siren at UTas Stadium in Launceston! The umpire heard it as Hawks youngster Burton fisted the ball thru for a point in the Hawks – GWS game. Another draw, nobody else heard the siren and the point was not allowed. GWS 1st team since Carlton in 1921 to play in two consecutive draws. Langford’s 3rd tied it and Patton kicked 5 for GWS. Mitchell T 39, Kelly 34.


According to the media, Elton John’s “Funeral for a Friend” was played at the MCG on Saturday as Bucks coached the Pies to a 37pt defeat by the Bombers. The innuendo and rumours re his tenure have affected the players according to Bucks. More simply put, they are just not good enough. Bucks will be a good coach if he ever gets a full team and some staff stability. Fantasialand 5, Zaka 38.


The Sydney bloods hosted the Gold Coast all whites in a jumper clash that just made it pass the keeper. Gold Coast should’ve worn orange as the colour of witches hats, such was the Swans destroyification after qtr time. No wonder Rocket Eade has no hair left… the potential is actually there, but Ablett missing had a far greater impact than the Swans missing Kennedy. Swans by 67. Rocket baby yeah!


Brisbane coach Chris Fagan might be heading down the “yeah yeah” hair loss path with Rocket Eade, after Geelong torched the Lions at the Gabbatoir on Saturday night. An 85pt Cats win completing a miserable night for AFLQ. The Cats did it for “Mr Courageous” Tom Lonergan in his 200th… anyone who nearly loses a kidney and returns for a Premiership has courage and desire by the semi-trailer load.


Speaking of hair loss, Dimma Hardwick might want to note what the Tigers did wrong on Saturday night as most of the successes of 2017 thus far got wiped temporarily by the barnstorming Saints at Etihad. Rather than spray media commentator Kane Cornes, Dimma get the Tigers back on track (watchout Lions at Etihad this week). Top 4 Saints alive, doing it for Maddie’s MRV at Etihad by 67pts.


Having lost 4 in a row, the Roos decided not to turn up in the 1st qtr at Etihad on Sunday, rather giving Freo a head start to lead by 19pts at qtr time. North emerged to stick with Freo for the rest with Freo getting great service from debutant Nyhuis, Walters and Fyfe (33 stats). Ziebell and Cunnington led the Roos charge, but Majak looked laconic at best. Goldstein missed a sitter, 17 secs left. Freo 4pts.


The Damage Control Demons emerged yet again to douse the flames of young Oliver’s spat with a peanut on the wrong side of the fence. Both were wrong. It shouldn’t have happened. Carlton took it up to the Dees for most of the game, led by youngsters SOS/SOJ with 3 and Curnow with strong marking up forward. A smart icing of the game by the Dees saw them retain the ball to an 8pt win.


Port’s Paddy Ryder might just yet be the biggest success story after the Bombers’ saga, commanding the rucks against the under-strength Eagles rucks. First use always helpful, but when it mattered most, better use of the ball allowed Port to dominate the final term on the way to a 32pt win. Both sides had dominated periods of the game but Port wanted top 4 and got it. Big Charlie Dixon 5, a power.


WCE v Port – I’m in 4th!


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