Fearless 2017 Round 13 – Do we really need any more Thursday night footy?

(BYES TO: Adelaide, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, GWS, Hawthorn).


The Cats headed to the Wild West to play the Eagles at Domain Stadium last Thursday night, the AFL’s latest lovechild. Six failed attempts at winning after the bye had stuck in the craw of Cats’ coach Scott. The Eagles however had their own issues, largely of their own making. A Kennedy-less forward line causing Eagles coach Simmo some headaches. On the night, Jack Darling jumped back into some touch, assisted by Roogle (or Eagroo?) Petrie. Eagles home at home by 13pts. Tomahawk-less Cats save some face late. Rhys Stanley, talented and injury-prone, returned to kick 3 for the Cats but it wasn’t enough.


In what was no great game by any stretch of the imagination, the Saints returned to the winners list with a win over the Roos on Friday Night. North lost because they made more mistakes or the Saints won because they made less. A few junk time goals saved the Roos some major embarrassment reeling in the margin from 42pts to 17 at game’s end. Nick Riewoldt returned to help straighten up the Saints, ably assisted by the midfield and Joey Montagna, fresh from being tarred and feathered in media. Richo happy, other Scott not, crowd ok at 26000 but the tv audience turned off midway through 1st qtr.


Déjà vu again for the Tigers when Richmond hosted Sydney Swans at the G on Saturday. Most teams would be happy to be 7 wins 5 losses but when it’s possible to have been 11-1…Mario from Doncaster’s description of Richmond as a culture of death becomes understandable, if not a bit inflated. Truth is the Swans love the tough stuff over the last decade and found their groove when it mattered. Kennedy, Jack, Parker and Hanneberry are all seasoned campaigners and led the charge to a 9pt win. That Richmond was 36pts up into the 2nd is a concern for Dimma and co, but can be fixed if all willing.


Port hosted Brisbane with an eye to returning itself to the winners list after a disastrous last outing against the Bombers where the Power went unplugged. Eric Hipwood announced himself, selling candy beautifully en route to one of his 2 goals. Brisbane largely atoned for their horrific show against Port earlier in 2017, led by Bastinackers with 3.0 and 21 stats and the mask of Zorko, whose in rare touch. However, Port were too good, eventually winning by 40pts. Wines 29, 2.0, Wingard 3, Gray 2.4.


Momentum is a funny thing in footy. At Club Metricon on Saturday Night, Carlton rightfully had it for the first three qtrs. In the process, the Blues made the home team look second rate. In the last qtr, the Suns regained the momentum and hit the front. The Suns looked winners, the effects of being given the largest of Rockets yeah at half time. Then Mick Barlow broke his leg (again) and the old stretcher halted any momentum with roughly 10 min remaining. Play reset and momentum was there for the taking… and it was a Blue night for the home team, Carlton grabbed it and the win by 10pts. The renaissance man Liam Jones held gun Sun skipper Lynch goalless. More rockets to follow… yeah!


The Etihad demons well had truly disappeared when Melbourne took to Etihad against the Dogs on Sunday. The Dogs looked they were the lost Dogs in the 1st qtr. Melbourne carried a 25pt lead into the 2nd qtr and were never headed. Bevo’s Bullies struggling to find the magic of season 2017. Watts 3, Garlett 2.4 and Harmes 1.4 showed contrasting forward results but heaven help the Dogs if they’d’ve been accurate. Melbourne home by 57pts. Dog Lin Jong’s day mirrored his team’s with an ACL injury.



  1. G’day Fearless,

    I watched the Friday night footy and Riewoldt played well to get the Saints back on the track. Also Montagna showed efforts to play good footy and got over the criticism made by Dermott Breteton. And midfielders including Sebb Ross recreated our brand of footy.

    I reckon price issues should be fixed properly. AFL and clubs set high admission fees to take favours on TV, but the rating is not good, they should attract more fans to stadiums.



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