Round 4 – Fearless Review: Stop the coward punch! How many people have to be hurt or die?


Toothless v Ruthless as the Eagles gave the Tigers a footy lesson at Subi on Friday night.  35-12 scoring shots and 60-27 inside 50s, both in favour of the Eagles and both needing no explanation. The brutal media spotlight on Trent Cotchin is unfair, he’s leading by doing. He just doesn’t have the team behind him that he thought he did..the game’s played above the shoulders Tigers! Eagles swoop by 68pts.

The John Barnes Memorial Country Classic took place at the G on Saturday complete with woodchop, farmers market, haybales, livestock and moleskins. The G even had its own willy willy as a tribute. Swirly conditions prevented the game from reaching great heights but the errant Country Cats did enough to power away from the Essendon Crop Dusters. 27 scoring shots to 12. Cats home by 30pts.

Meanwhile down on the Apple Isle, the Saints made a return to York Park Launceston for a close game against the Hawks. When the umpires’ department comes out on the Monday and says oops we were wrong and the result is within a kick then the footy world gets a bit deflated. The Saints were valiant, acknowledged by Clarko as the better side. Hawks though got the chockies by 3pts. Sam Mitchell 44.

Tropic Thunder is a much better moniker than the Q-clash and pow! That’s what it was when Suns’ defender May poleaxed Lions’ ruckman Stefan Midnight Martin – that’s when he woke up. Whatever motivation an ugly incident may bring worked, sparking the Lions into action. The Suns had been undefeated, but Brisbane rallied led by Irish Hanley’s 28 touches and 2 goals. Lions 1st win by 13pts.

The RSPCA was called to Etihad on Saturday, but reports of animal cruelty were replaced by the sight of injured Bulldogs x3. Carlton had staged a mini comeback after the Dogs threatened to blow them off the park. 5.4 to 4.3 in the second half, a promising sign for Blues coach Bolton. Baby steps for the Blues but for Tom Boyd’s falcon, an A-League debut might be near. Dogs regrouped to win by 36pts.

In the weekly classic game that was for round 4, the Swans travelled to the City of Churches to meet the Crows. Both teams were in good knick with the Swans undefeated. Young Swan Isaac Heeney announced himself on the big stage, matching Betts and Franklin with 4 goals. Swans led by a point at the 1st change before the home side took control and got home by 10pts. Swan Hannebery 38stats.

Gormless was the word of the day used by SEN’s Andy Maher to describe Port Adelaide’s meek effort against the GWS Giants at Manuka in Canberra. Gormless = lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull or clumsy. When you lose by 86pts, there’s nowhere to hide on the ground, in the rooms and in the commentary box! Young Giants Coniglio, Shiel, Lobb and Greene led the way. Port unplugged.

Melbourne went onto the G against a Collingwood side under an intense media blowtorch. The Demons cared not. A 5 goal lead at the 1st change and the Magpies managed to improve in the 2nd qtr before a 3.8 2nd half sealed the Pies’ fate. Melbourne home by 35pts with Jack Watts kicking 4, Jack Viney matching Pie Treloar for 31 stats. Dees mids silver service from Gawn, he of the Yiddish beard.

Fremantle’s start to 2016 had not been great but just needed to click into place. At Etihad against the Roos, the olde garde of Pavlich, Fyfe, Walters and Ballantyne looked like they were going to get Freo home in the 3rd qtr but inaccuracy didn’t help. North steadied and regained composure with a 6 goals to 2 last qtr. 31 scoring shots to 32, proved it was even but the Roos got home by 31. Waite 4, Fyfe 4.

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