Father seeks help to support his son’s football

Could be ballet, could be darts, it’s footy though that strengthens my heart.

Marriage breakdown is a world lived out in its own unique and debilitating way. To kids, well, worse because they just don’t understand. There is no language to bring greater understanding. Just the passage of time.

There is, though, the language of footy. A connection that can bring a parallel life of excitement, commitment, courage, disappointment. A sub-life that can promote stronger bonds between Father and son that, at worst, eases the mystery of pain in a child’s heart.

This has been the case with my son, Joel and I.

As Joel flounders in a shallow pond, grappling with his parents’ separation, a new life without Dad at home and with a mother’s new partner, we have footy.

So he won’t listen to my advice (or does he), gets agitated that I umpire his games, puts 21 on his back just before Wellingham left the Pies. So what? We bond deeper because of it all.

Having been chosen to represent the ACT at the upcoming School Sports Championships in Darwin, I just had to do what I could for Joel’s Mum and I to be there. Had to. To show Joel he is loved beyond the crap he feels. To show him that unity exists despite separation.

With costs of over $8000 to get us there and with this burden being shouldered by Joel’s mother under immense financial duress, I am trying my best to contribute what I can.

Recently becoming unemployed has added to the pressure.

My response? To create a crowd funding campaign that also honours my creative friends by offering their products and services as rewards for my supporters’ contributions.

At a time when so many worthy causes are pleading for help it can be daunting seeking help for just one family. When the value of something outstrips anything else you keep going though. A bit like that red pill ha?

I am seeking support from the football community to reach my target of $3000. If I don’t reach this target there is no payout of the contributions already made. I have 5 days to go.

May I entice you a little? My mother has hand made an Alpaca felted Collingwood scarf. It’s awesome and a one of a kind. She can make another too. Or maybe you could choose the cartoon character family which is hand drawn with your own characteristics and of course team colours.

Words can seem cheap when I don’t know you, the reader. I can only say this: I will be deeply grateful for any contribution you make. Just know the circle of giving will come back to – somehow, just when you need it.


You can support us here: www.pozible.com/joel2darwin



  1. sparrowlegs says

    My thoughts go out to you, a suffering Dad, and your son Joel. I do hope you can all get to the ACT to offer the support and love that is always there despite the sadness. I do wonder how it is possible that it is at a cost of $8000! Soon after my marriage breakup my devastated daughter, about the age of Joel, was asked to spend a week at the AIS in Canberra, to train and compete in gymnastics. I too was under immense financial duress. She and I drove from Melbourne to Canberra in a clapped out VW bug, our hearts bleeding about as much as the bug bled oil, having to stop to top up oil at every town, and crawling up every hill at snails pace. We slept in the car, and eventually found a cheap caravan park for the rest of the week. The main costs were petrol and particularly oil for the car. It certainly did not cost anywhere near $8000. She is a beautiful, grounded and athletic adult woman now. We remember that trip with great nostalgia and humour. We did come through, despite the financial and emotional struggle. All the best to you and Joel, and remember, it is the love and time, not the money, that is important.

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