Fantasy Football – Footy Almanac Groups

JTH hates fantasy football. But for those whose weekends are lit up by 20 metre kicks back to outside midfielders we have great news! We have started Footy Almanac groups. Unlimited spots and prizes for the winning coaches (assuming I can talk Harmsy into it)

Code for Virtualsports Real Dream Team is 144685

Code for Supercoach is 700569

Doesn’t look like there is an option for site. Never mind.


May your rookie choices all avoid the green vest.



  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Whoops, thought this was going to be about playing six games in Melbourne on a Saturday afternoon – wrong fantasy

  2. daniel flesch says

    I’m with JTH on this one. Fantasy Football is silly , and not just because i can’t understand it. Real footy is fantastic enough. My fantasy is the Hawks thrash the Cats in round 5. JTH is not with me on that one.

  3. sean gorman says

    FF is FF distraction.

  4. Peter Flynn says


  5. Bob Morrow says

    I agree with all however Daniel – you are already fanatsising . It wont happen

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