Almanac stalwart Yvette Wroby to ‘star’ on Fan Zone this Sunday


It was a terrific win against Essendon after such a dreadful loss to Geelong.  It restored some faith in the Saints fans, and made our COVID lockdown Mark 2 a little easier (sorry it made Bombers fans a little worse). Watching alone, I was among friends, Yoshi in Japan, Glen in USA, Rina just a suburb across, Kiyoshi texting, and Denise all the way over in Parkville.  Messages popped and pinged.  Goals were celebrated. Max King was admired and loved that little bit, ok, a lot more. Uncle Bob called after the game to have our post-match chat.


We were even in the top 4 again, for a moment. All very lovely in these weird times.


News was also popping this week about the Saints AFLW team, with some players leaving. Thank you Allison Drennan for your VFLW and AFLW time at the Saints, you are a legend; enjoy the GCS. And thank you Sammie Johnson (delisted), Kelly O’Neil (delisted), Courteney Munn – how I enjoyed the first night training of Saints VFLW team watching you slot goals from every direction before official training- (retired), Emma Mackie (retired), Jess Sedunary (off to Adelaide) and Mel Kuys (not offered contract.)  Welcome Jayde Van Dyk and Bianca Jakobssen to the red, white and black.


Better still, as a AFLW player sponsor, I have a Zoom invite to the Saints AFLW Best and Fairest and can invite my mates. So on Sunday night, August 20, I will be part of the women’s celebrations again, like the first VFLW St Kilda season, and like many St.Kilda Sharks nights. This is so cool, and I am wondering if I have to get out of my track suit pants and black sweater for this or, at least, dress up the top part of my body and be in my pjs and slippers!  And sip my whisky in celebration.


Yet Almanackers, there’s more!  A few weeks ago, I put my name down to be part of the Channel 7 Fan Zone when invited by my wonderful St Kilda FC and, being the shy, retiring, bored type, I thought, why not? I missed out on the first selection but have been chosen for this weekend’s game against Brisbane Lions.  I hope I have occasion to wave my ‘flogger’ a lot! I have even started decorating my viewing position and will test it out with Denise before the big event on Sunday.





With my Pride scarf proudly around my neck, and pillows, blankets, flags and reading glasses perched on nose, I will be ready to ‘perform’ for Channel 7 and everyone I have pre-warned…and my Almanac friends far and wide.  I have filled out my consent forms and sent it all off.  I have looked at the other lone fans in the last few weeks to see how they set themselves up and I wished I could share this event with all my friends in one place. At a game of footy.  Sitting with Uncle Bob and Gary and Rina and Phil and Kiyoshi (we met playing Pokémon Go and are still waiting to go to the men’s game after I introduced and helped him fall in love with the women’s games at the beginning of this year). I haven’t even been able to take my new daughter-in-law Olivia to her first Aussie rules game with her wife, my daughter Rachel. Next year. We hope.


We could never have imagined that not only would we not get to a game together, we wouldn’t be able to sit in a room and watch together. This second lockdown…well, you Victorians know.


(BTW, quick ad for Victoria’s lockdown…If you need reading material and haven’t read ‘Siren’s Call’, let me know! and click Siren’s Call. $20 inc postage.)


So, sit back and enjoy the Brisbane Lions v St Kilda Saints game on Sunday at 3.35pm and wave back to me by any messaging devices you see fit.


Go Saints!


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About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. I am going to watch it just to look out for you, Yvette !!

  2. It didn’t show any Saints fans!

  3. Peter Fuller says

    I saw Yvette (top left hand corner of the screen) after one of the Saints’ goals, 2nd (?) quarter.

  4. My mistake Yvette! I was watching a replay of the game on Sunday evening – no fans in first half, then incorrectly assumed there would be no more viewing of them; put the comment here, went back to watch the game after half time, and there you were – 3rd qtr.

    Wonder why they only put up the Saints fans just the once?

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