Event: Unexpected Passions at The Wheeler Centre – Friday October 26.

Sam Pang with Jen Cloher and John Harms.


Details here.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    These events are pretty good. Some excellent light Friday evening entertainment. And a pre-session visit to the downstairs bar is also recommended. More detail can be found at http://wheelercentre.com/calendar/event/unexpected-passions7/. I am sorry I won’t be able to get to this one. Jen Cloher should be good.

    On a more important note, I just did a site search for “Jordan Russell” specifically to find any Litza references. Happy to report only one mention, and that was only mildly derogatory. Might be an okay pick-up for the Pies. Mind you, that could be wrong.

  2. Jordon was good in 2010, no better than a C+ either side of that. Saw enough this year to suggest you’ll probably get as much out of him as we will for whatever we get with pick #71…. most likely just be a rookie upgrade.

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